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Seeker in the Dark

Who: A certain demivampire and YOU
Where: Outskirts of Birchpointe
When: Middle of the night
Open/Closed: Open!
Prose/Brackets: Either is fine
Warnings: Probable violence and language

[Outdoors, night. The full moon hangs high overhead, casting a blood-red tint over everything in sight. Considering that it's supposed to be quarter moon waning, this might strike a lot of people as somewhat odd. The color, if nothing else, should give most people pause.]

[If you think the moon's disturbing... you better stay out of that clearing ahead. The one where there's currently a lot of growling, howling, roaring, screaming, and odd flashes of light. Quite the cacophony, actually. Is someone holding a rave? No - at least not one with music.]

[Those who dare to approach will find... quite a lot of Chaotics. Quite a lot of disabled Chaotics, but just as many live and angry ones. And one man, wearing a long white coat - one that seems to remain unstained, despite all the various fluids splashing about as he wields what looks to be a broadsword wreathed in flames.]

[The question is... do you want to join the melee, or stand back and watch? Maybe set up a stand and start selling tickets, beverages, or things wriggling on sticks? Or maybe try to save this damned fool who's clearly bitten off way more than he can chew?]

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