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WHO: Nico
WHERE: Around Birchpointe
WHEN: Last week of May
WARNINGS: None at the moment!

[Well, things are getting tense, aren't they? Crazy Chaotic attacks, rumors of high-ranking Sentinels, terrifying transformations with no explanation. People were worried that tourist revenue for the summer would suffer.

Everyone's worried. Not Nico, though. Or if she is she isn't showing it as she strolls through the town, hands in pocket, pack on back, some kind of jerky in her mouth as she walks. Sometimes she's on her phone, texting. Sometimes she sits in a particular cafe, drinking shakes and reading.

Of course, anyone who asks if they've seen her somewhere gets a firm denial. She shows her ID card and it easily suffices. So, she's used to random people coming up to her to talk.

Hey. Why not? She does it all the time after all.]

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