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WHO: Toriel and YOU
WHERE: Sunflower Village
WHEN: early morning
WARNINGS: 2cute5me

[There was a place in Birchpointe, not far from the local bar and safehaven that was the Ambrosia Nectar, called Sunflower Village. It was a small, unassuming town, save for the disproportionate population of children who lived there. Whether they grew up there or came seeking sanctuary, Sunflower Village was a place of safety and innocence for children, accompanied by their parents and the local appointed teachers and guardians.

One of those guardians was a motherly, middle-aged goat-woman. The paperwork would call her Ms. Dreemurr, but she insisted on just being called by her first name; Toriel. Toriel was a teacher at the village's school, and loved all the little residents as if they were her own children. Nobody really knew how she came to live in Sunflower Village, but very few asked, because the question would make her smile turn sad before she changed the subject. But what was known was that she was caring, warm, and had a sunny sense of humor.

This morning, Toriel was standing outside the schoolhouse, waiting for her students with a smile, adjusting her reading glasses in the sunlight.]

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