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Sockpuppet 2.-SHUT THE HELL UP ([personal profile] yourbabysitter) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall2016-06-09 01:20 am
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Starry Nights

WHO: Caidan and others
WHERE: One of Birchpointe's many lakeshores
WHEN: Dusk leading into nighttime
PROSE OR BRACKETS: do yo own thang but imma use brackets
WARNINGS: idk I don't know anything about this guy

[A young man with stark white hair is sitting on a small hill overlooking the lakeshore. He could run and jump in if he wanted to, but he seems so casual and comfortable where he is, with one leg bent and the other outstretched. An arm resting over his bent sways gently to and fro, and his eyes are cast toward the sky.

If you follow his gaze, you might find your breath taken away. The stars above the lake are moving, almost dancing. Their reflections in the water make the dance even more intricate, the small waves and ripples scattering the starlights every which way, adding its own rhythms to the jig.]

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