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Time to Run!

WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: Down the main avenue of Birchpointe
WHEN: ICly June 19th, OOCly June 19th-23rd
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Whichever you like!
WARNINGS: Certain kitsune cheaters

[Ever since the Chaotic raid, Birchpointe has been doing its best to rebuild. Things had been going well enough, but it couldn't hurt to have a little push every now and then, right?

Enter the Rebuild Birchpointe Marathon! Announced in early spring and set in midsummer, it was a charity event where citizens could come out, have a good time, and enter into the race- for a fee, of course. Proceeds would go toward different charities aimed toward unity and regrowth.

Along with many private vendors registering to have booths at the event, several main companies have thrown in their time, promotion, and donations as well. These companies are where the prizes are coming from, which are as follows:

First Place: $1000 gift certificate to Schnee Corp.'s extensive magitek library; a free VIP dinner for 2-4 at Skyward, an expensive restaurant in town; and a piece of Alterware, a new clothing line from a recent company that, among other things, can shapeshift and repair itself.

Second Place: $750 Schnee Corp. gift certificate; two movie tickets to the film of your choice at PopCon Cinemas; and six month's free muffins from Panda Pastries.

Third Place: $500 Schnee Corp. gift certificate; free total car tuneup service at For Wheels; and a pair of "METTA by NB" upscale headphones.

Participation: All runners, regardless of final placement, will receive a $50 Schnee Corp. gift certificate.

Race day arrives, and the route is closed off to let runners and spectators gather. It runs all the way through the city, a perfect 26 miles, 385 yards of official runspace. Booths can be set up anywhere along the route so long as it's off the actual road (save for at the very beginning and the very end), and water stations manned by volunteers are at intervals for anyone who needs a refuel or a break. Medical staff are also on hand just in case, but with protection laid out and actively patrolling the route, hopefully the worst thing seen will be a skinned knee or two.

So, it's time to run, Birchpointe! Cheer on your friends, donate to the cause, and in general have fun!]

((OOC: This race will run from June 19-23 OOCly, but only a single day ICly of course. Every day will see a new posting of randomly rolled placings with its own top-level. You can reply to that with your characters to explain how they got there, interact with anyone around them, or whatever you like; spectators and medics/water-givers can also reply to these with either observations, rooting for your friends, or helping someone in need.

Placements are up to interpretation! This is because there's actually as many participating in a marathon as you might expect, not just our 20 runners. So you can say if there's a bunch of NPCs in between you and the place listed above/below you, if you're in a cluster of named characters in the middle, the last of the named or dead last of the entire race. It's up to you! Just keep in mind that there ARE more racers around, and feel free to work that into your tags however you want.

The final day will see two postings, one early on and one at the end: the final stretch and the finish line, and all three placings will be taken by named characters and not NPCs it's just no fun otherwise, obviously. After that will be an acceptance for the top three winners where they can be congratulated.

You're also MORE than welcome to create your own top-levels, tag around to where you see fit, and just in general enjoy the event! If you have any questions at ANY point, contact me at [ profile] zumidotexe or under this heading on the marathon's plotting post.))

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