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Big Bird ([personal profile] neverlosemydreams) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall2016-11-23 03:24 am
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Somebody Come and Play

WHO: Big Bird and anyone who happen to be passing by
WHERE: Sunflower Village
WHEN: Late afternoon
WARNINGS: Bird Bird hurt his knee :<

[It was a bright day, although a bit chilly in the Sunflower Village side of Birchpointe, and the kids just got out of school to play. One of the kids, Big Bird, decided to go out rollerskating on his new blades. With a cute little scarf around him and a pair of gloves to stay warm. When he caught sight of a bird in a tree tweeting away. He came to a pause.]

Oh! Hello Mr. Sparrow!

What's that? Oh you're only here for a little bit? You have to fly south for the winter? No please, can't you stay for a little while? There's not many birds here my age who can play and-Oh...

Oh I see, well, maybe we can do a quick game of tick tak toe?

[And the bird was off. Big Bird gave a little gasp as he rolled around trying to catch up with him.]

No wait-! Please don't go I-WAAKK!

[And Big Bird didn't watch where he was going as he tripped and fell over a bunch of garbage cans making a loud crash. Making a soft pained noise as he held his knee beginning to sniff and cry a bit.]

M-My knee, oooooh...

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