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Only In Darkness Will You See Light

WHO: Everyone turned into the caligino by the fog and those bringing back the light to them
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: All day and night
WARNINGS: Body Horror, Depression, Violence

[Weeks had past since the fog. Man and demon, homes, effected by these shadows started to feel off. Darker than usual, the nightmares did not stop. Replaced with a dream? It would come back the very next day. Haunt the minds of these victims. Some tried to keep it to themselves, but even the closest would know they were not acting like themselves.

Today was when that final will of light would expire. A dreaded darkness would take over the mind, consume the soul. It was this day that those who did not take care, would turn into the caligino, monsters with their former memories the same but driven by darkness and rage.]
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[Mickey coming back started to witness these citizens turn into these creature out of either rage or depression. His breath grew still as he muttered.]

Oh no, this is what he planned...

[Hurrying out Mickey quickly called for his friends on his star device before summoning his keyblade. Quickly trying to gather light to help these dreaded victims. Calling out anyone who could fight near by to help bring the light back.]
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Well, this sucks, huh?

[And then there was this kid. Who looked like she could care less as she stared at her cell phone.]

People sure are turning into monsters today.
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[Taking a look as the kid seemed to not care. His brows only furrowed.]

If you're not gonna help at least take cover.

[He really doesn't have time for this.]
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I am helping.

[She presses her fingers on her cell phone.]

There are 27 negative energy outputs and growing in a 50-yard radius. Including one behind you, you know.
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[Mickey blinked in surprise. Kid, why didn't you just say that in the first place? Nevermind. He nodded as he gripped his keyblade.]

Thank you, I'm on it!

You best go and tell anyone close by who's in danger from the dark energy to get to safety too!
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[Conan had a hard lump in his throat as he started to witness everyone turning into caligino. He gripped the pole he standing on. His eyes widen as he watched the horror unfold. His heart dropped realizing his father's plan was this. To turn everyone into monsters. Conan shook as he began to flash back from the horrors of back to war in the world of fae versus humans. To the deaths to the manipulations of monsters. He gripped his head as he fell from his post. Trying to get himself together but he couldn't as tears came down his cheek, not even knowing he was about to black out.]
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[Yang Xiao Long could handle nightmares. She'd unwittingly dragged her sister into a living one when they were just small children, she'd chased away the bad dreams when Ruby woke her up in the middle of the night as they grew up without a mom, and she'd long since learned how to calm herself down from her own.

She could handle nightmares. Even the worst ones. Even if she'd spent the past few weeks trying but not completely succeeding at hiding and pushing past how worn out she looked and felt. She could handle some stupid nightmares.

Lack of sleep had made her snappish though, things that she would have normally just let go or not given a second thought to agitating her more than they should have. Blake had long since noticed she was having trouble, tried to help with some gentle suggestions (teas, meditation, sleep exercises, etc) but nothing had worked. And Daniel was...sympathetic to say the least. Yang had found it easiest to hide it from Ruby, but unfortunately that had entailed her being uncharacteristically avoidant of her sister whenever she came over, feigning having an errand to run and letting Daniel and Blake entertain or otherwise cutting their visits short with some excuse or other.

And it was that she simply couldn't stomach anymore.

She'd gotten it into her head to drive down to whatever side of town would give her the most powerful sleep elixir possible and nip this in the bud. Or at least let her get enough sleep that she could better deal with the problem herself. She really didn't care at this point. So she told Blake and Daniel she was heading out, not waiting for any questions or protests and headed for the garage where she kept Bumblebee, completely forgetting in her exhaustion that Ruby had planned to come by today.

Yang got as far as the lot before it hit, her frustration at herself suddenly flaring into a full-blown temper that had her screaming in anger, the roar echoing eerily through the garage. Normally blowing off steam like that would have made her feel better, but the way her gut started to churn said otherwise. A sudden dizziness made her stagger against a cement column and then slide to the ground, bracing herself on her hands and knees.

Damnit what the hell was wrong with her???]
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[Ruby knew something was wrong, especially with Yang trying to avoid her more than usual. Her brows would furrow and be worried she had done something wrong. Or perhaps that Yang really was that busy. Still it just seemed something was off, especially with how Yang would react in certain situations. Ever since the fog it's been like this. And it only made Ruby all the more concerned.

While eventually the nightmares died down for Ruby, she had no idea Yang couldn't rid of hers. On her way to meet her Ruby could certainly feel something in the air was off again. As soon as she came close enough to hear Yang's cry her eyes went wide with worry.]


[She leapt into action as she sprung her way toward her sister seeing her struggling against the ground. Rushing over to try and help her up]

Yang!! What's wrong, what happened?!
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[Her voice is low, almost unnaturally so for her, and the name comes out almost more like a growl than a word.

When she looks up at her sister, her irises are bright red, her mouth pulled into a sort of tortured grimace like she's either furious or in tremendous pain. Or both.]

S-stay away from me...

[She just manages to hiss the warning out through clenched teeth.

Something is very very wrong with her right now and while she doesn't know what just yet, whatever it is she absolutely does not want her sister anywhere near her for Ruby's own safety.]
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What-But you're-!

[Ruby's eyes widen in horror as Yang's body began to change from the red in her eyes. Her hands flinched as she tried to keep her hold on her. Frightened for her older sister. But she wouldn't go anywhere. Whatever is happening she was going to happen.]


No, I'm going to help you, you're so important to me! Please Yang, hang on!!
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[There was nothing that Yang wouldn't do for Ruby. That was just fact, pure and simple. But there was also nothing she wouldn't do to keep her safe and protect her.]

G-get...get back...

[Even if that meant from herself.

She pushes away from Ruby, attempting to put some distance between them as she staggers clumsily.

She was trying to struggle against...whatever this was. But it was a steadily losing battle and the more frustrated she grew with that, the more ground she lost. Yang didn't know what was happening and she was terrified, and the fear was making her angry because who did this???

Dropping back to the ground with a choked noise, she gripped at the pavement, watching in a sort of muted horror as her fingernails lengthened and sharpened into claws. Her head felt like it was about to split in half the pain was so intense, her jaw clenching in pain even as that too started to shift.]
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[Letting out a noise as Ruby got pushed back. She looked up as her brows furrowed in so much worry.]


[Then her eyes widen as she stumbled back. Watching as her sister transformed in front of her. Her breath caught her throat as she trembled.

Oh no...

She was infected...

Her voice almost choked as she tried to held back her tears as she could watch her sister shapeshift into the creature.]

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[Yang bites back a noise between a cry of pain and a snarl, the teeth in her mouth now sharper. Darkness begins to grow and spread wherever there's shadow on her, underneath her chin, the back of her neck, from the hems of her clothing, steadily covering her arms and legs with a texture that looks like a cross between feathers, fur, and smoke.

At one point Yang clutches at her skull, a pair of curved horns sprouting from the crown of her head. Where there likely should have been blood though, there's only more darkness, seeping into her hair and turning the once beautiful, wild gold locks a pitch black, disheveled and unkempt.

Still trying to fight it, she's trembling as she chances a look at Ruby, her red eyes finding the frightened face of her sister. She was turning into a monster right in front of the person who meant more to her than anything.

And that broke her apart inside.]


[The last word is almost howled out, ending abruptly as another spasm wracks down her spine, making her curl inwards in agony.

The transformation mercifully races to completion at that point, her entire form lengthening, a whip-like tail snaking out behind her and any remnant of color left on her doused an inky black.

When it's all over, Yang Xiao Long is gone.

In her place, crouches the winding form of a caligino. This one has a long snake-like body supported on four powerful looking legs that end in thick, sharp claws. The monster's face has a muzzle like a grizzly's, the lower canines enlarged and jutting out slightly from its jaw as it fights to catch its breath. A jet black mane runs the length of its long neck, down its back and all the way to the tip of its tail, which twitches as it slowly regards Ruby with red eyes that are almost nothing like Yang's.]
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[Ruby gave out a short squeaky yelp as she gripped her Crescent Rose close to herself. A tear or two coming down her cheek as Yang told her to go. She shook her head. Shaking, she was terrified, but she would not leave her sister. Then those red eyes gazed upon Ruby's.

Trembling out a breath as she staggered back, clutching the scythe. Her voice cracking at the end as the creature took over her sister.]

Y-Yang-! Please!!

I-I can try and save you, please Y-Ang...!
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[The monster snarls at her in response, a strangled sort of bark. It's tail whips furiously to one side, over-turning one of the cars parked in the garage over onto its roof with ease.

'Dammit, just give up on me and run!!'

Unintentionally damaging someone else's property seems to give it a distraction though as it suddenly turns its attention fulling into the car it just over-turned and slams its tail down into for good measure, crushing it.

With a bellowing roar, it abruptly turns and makes a beeline for the exit ramp, clambering over another unfortunately parked car which crumples under its weight as it snakes up into it, apparently heading for the top-roof lot.]
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[Ruby gasped as Yang go off and make destruction. Hesitating for a moment before she started running after her. But what can she do. She made at least a beeline to prevent her from causing more destruction. Jumping and landing on the roof top she swung her scythe as she redirected the car, making it fly up before she knocked it down onto a safer pavement side. Whirling around as her eyes widen. Desperately trying to reach her sister.]

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[Yang's shoved a few more cars out of her way during her ascent, but by the time Ruby reaches her, she's clambered up onto the parapet of the top lot, her long body almost knotted up around itself as she looks outward, like she's trying to gauge the distance to the next building over.

At Ruby's call, her head swings around with another snarl. Her long tail whips forward and then slams down purposefully into the ground in front of Ruby.

The warning is obvious: 'Get away from me. I'm dangerous.']
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[Ruby took in a breath as she stumbled back from the slam of the tail. She gritted her teeth before. Leaping around, trying to find Yang's eyes to look at her.]

Y-You have to listen to me! Whatever this is, it isn't you!!

You can't let the darkness consume your heart! You have to remember!!
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[The monster barks something back in retort, possibly as another warning. Pulling its tail back and letting it lash irritably back and forth like a cat's would, it tenses as if it intends to charge or pounce, focus entirely on Ruby now.

But just when it looks like it's about to go for it, instead of moving forward, it suddenly twists awkwardly, like a snake pulling a death roll, tumbling partially off the parapet. It scrapes the side of its head against the pavement in agitation, its clawed forelegs pawing at its face the way a dog might.]
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[Ruby whimpered as Yang's movements. Her eyes back into her's. She moved around with her, trying to reassure her that she wasn't going to attack, but she will stop her from making any more damage.]

I'm... I'm here... I'm here to bring back to light!

Just... Just focus on me okay? I-I'm not going anywhere!
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[Instead of a growl there's just a low whine in answer as the Caligino thrashes itself against the cement pavement. The long tail is still whipping about dangerously, but it's more in spasms than focused attacks as it claws at itself.

It seems to calm for a brief moment, meeting Ruby's gaze with blazing red eyes. And then it starts writhing again, not taking any care to protect its head or body as it smacks violently into the paving again and again, cracking the cement and tearing deep grooves in it. Apparently without an outlet, the monster's destructive tendencies and anger have turned inward.]
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[Tomochi and Trico had been taking shelter from the fog on some high ground. They were safe for now, but as the weeks went by something still felt wrong. It was as if a shadow was looming over the city. When he could finally shake the feeling no longer, he climbed up onto Trico's head to get a good view of the happenings below...and it was no reassurance. The black magic that blanketed the city was palpable, and he could even see the affects...people on edge, fighting...even changing.

He'd run from this before, but now, he wasn't caught off guard. He could do something about this...he had to. Tomochi shrugged the darkness-purging mirror off of his back, resting it on his arm like a shield, then he knelt down and gave Trico a soft scratch behind the ear. He'd only go forward if his companion would too.]
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[After awhile Trico tried to forget the event so he could just focus on relaxing and spending time with his little buddy. But feeling Tomochi climb onto his head, Trico could sense that he wanted to take a view of the city below. His ears drawn back at the scene as he gave a little whine at the sight. There were folks changing into really dark and nasty creatures. Almost like the chaotics, but it was different.

As Tomochi gripped the mirror, Trico turned to him in attention in concern and then leaned into his touch. Giving a little cooing noise before nuzzling into Tomochi with an nod. Assuring him that he was willing to go help him fight the darkness with him. As long as he could protect him, he'd go anywhere with Tomochi.]
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[Tomochi nods, patting Trico's head. Surveying the surroundings again, he spotted their best first move, where the streets were narrower and they wouldn't be as overwhelmed. Then he crouched against Trico's neck, mirror poised at the ready, and holding tight with his spare hand, planting his feet firmly in the thick feathers. He pointed in the direction, bracing himself for takeoff.]

Let's go!
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[Trico nodded as he let the boy get ready to ride on his back. Then looking off in the direction toward the city as his ears flicked. Crouching down as he went back and then ran to get a head start. Jumping into the air as his wing spread catching the wind as he flew into toward. Landing onto a safe spot. Giving a growl as he looked at the caligino around them.]
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[Etera walks back home when he just realizes how off tonight has felt. It's dark, but the shadows and alleyways shouldn't be that dark. Even with the night Birchpointe feels like a glowing metropolis, but not now. He continues walking, his eyes swiftly catching the strange flicker of shadows around him. He must be getting tired, shadows don't act that strange.

It isn't just the night giving an ominous feeling. His mood weighs on him for the past two days, a sullen and resentful mix of emotions. He thinks too hard about his twin brother and the trouble he's been going through, he thinks about Rongo's lectures, he thinks about the incident with the Chaotic from earlier.

He frowns hard, not really thinking of where he's going. I'm a joke he thinks, I can't keep anyone safe. If I was stronger...they'd look up to me.

If he was stronger he could keep them safe. But he's not. He can't keep himself safe--

Etera stops to feel an itching down his arms. Looking down he notices long tendrils of vines growing, dropping, trailing behind him. Seeing them he notices they lack their lively green but have turned a dusty grey. The serval demon yanks the rest down in a panic as he rushes blindly, looking anyplace to sit back and gather himself. But it doesn't stop, it doesn't stop his resentment or this power malfunction.]

I'm okay, I'm okay...please let me be okay.
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[Undyne had been so agitated and on edge after sorting out the panic in the fog, she hadn't realized for a while that she was changing. The nightmares were nothing new, jumping at the slightest sound must have been just nerves, and it's natural to occasionally be irritated at her fiance, isn't it?

It wasn't until one heated argument when Alphys shrank back from her in fear - genuine fear - that she realized something was wrong. In that instant she couldn't even remember what the fight was about anymore. Not saying another word, she dashed past Alphys out the door, down the stairs of the apartment building.

She had to snap out of this. She had to run, throw some spears, something, anything to let off some steam. But by the time she kicked open the doors to the front walk, she had to stop, bracing herself against the wall as she suddenly felt dizzy. Her chest felt like it was caught in the coils of a snake, tightening its grip on every beat of her rapidly pounding heart. Her knuckles were white as she clenched her fists painfully. As she struggled to breathe, she realized this wasn't just excessive agitation - something was happening to her. She lifted her head, catching her reflection in the window, her eye widening and further exposing the ominous red glow radiating from her slitted pupil.]

Wh-what the hell?

[Her body shuddered and jolted from a wave of red-hot pain and she collapsed back against the wall. Her fingers clutched at a brick, suddenly needing no effort to dig deep into the cement holding it in place, as if her fingernails were now claws. She hunched around herself, a low, uncharacteristic growl rumbling in her throat as her skin slowly turned black and her already sharp teeth jutted even more menacingly. Soon her vision tunneled and all she could see was shadows and low, ominous shapes, embodiment of her own dark thoughts that she couldn't push away anymore.

Then a scream pulled at her senses. She looked up again, seeing down the street through the shadows, a child cornered and cowering in terror from a strange beast that matched the likeness Undyne was becoming. Almost like a Chaotic, but something more, something darker. And seeing it menace the child stirred something in her heart. A feeling that the pain and fear and anger almost made her forget. The desire to help others. The power to help.

She ignored the pain and forced herself to her feet, the brick in the wall she'd been clinging to like a stress ball cracking and crumbling from the strain as she let out a gutteral roar of fury.]


[All at once there was a burst of light around her, a spear materializing in her off hand. And by the time her spear struck ground, blocking the monster's path to its prey, Undyne emerged from the dust and stood in its way, weapons in hand and her appearance returned to normal.]
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[Seeing the monster coming after the child and a local demon trying to fight with herself to save them. King Mickey couldn't hold back leapt over hold out his keyblade as yelled out "Light!" crashing his keyblade to force the creature down and out of the way with a slam as a flash of light crashed into it. Mickey quickly turned toward the woman who's appearance seemed to go back to it's normal state.]

Are you okay?
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[That made her job easier. With someone else jumping in to fight the other thing, Undyne had the chance to check on the kid, ensure they were okay and shoo the frightened, confused little thing to safety. That done, she looks over to the stranger who just stepped in.]

I'm fine. Thanks for the help.

[She drops another spear to her side, looking around to see more fighting happening down the street. She seems pretty keen on not talking about what just happened to her, too.]

Any idea what's going on?
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[Mickey nodded to her as he looked around.]

The people who were near the fog were infected is my guess by some kind of darkness magic. It's turning them into the caligino, the only way to stop it is to bring the light back into their hearts!
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[Dark magic though...bringing light back into the heart. That does give her pause - come to think of it she had been going through a period of pretty grim thoughts. Now she couldn't help but think she should have caught this sooner.]
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Creatures created by the darkness of our hearts. If we let it take over it's what happens.

[He nodded toward the bunch.]

The fae from that fog cursed that darkness to be worse. But we can save them all, we just need to bring the light back!
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[So that's what that fog was all about. Maybe that explained the things she saw that day too...]

How do we do that?

[She hoped it involved spears, she was good at that part.]
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Within the darkness there is light. We need to remind of them that.

If their memories are still there, then they can remember that.

If you recognize the one that's a caligino you need to help them remember to make them stop fighting. And I can unlock the light within, just bring them to me.

I'm encouraging anyone with light magic to bring it back to their hearts. We need to capture these guys, not destroy them! They can still be saved!
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[Fewer spears than she'd like and the Power of Love. Not ideal, but she'd been told she's a good motivational speaker. Sometimes.

She stands tall and flips a spear in her hand.]

Sounds like a plan.

[She turns to her new ally and extends a free hand.]

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[Mickey nodded, then extended his own hand out to shake her's. Boy he's quite short ain't he? But yet again he is a mouse.]

Mickey, it's nice the meetya Undyne.

Now, ready to save some lives?
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[She doesn't judge short, just look at Alphys. She gives a hearty handshake back, and smiles.]

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[Brandishing his keyblade after their introductions were said. He leapt out, jumping up to see if anyone else was in trouble.]

There-Over by the park! There's a little boy being chased!

[Sure enough there were creatures running after the kid as he was trying to find a place to hide.]

Let's go!!

[And immediately Mickey was off, leaping from building to building in a bound toward the park.]
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[Toriel still hadn't truly recovered from what she'd seen in the fog. Old memories she'd tried for years to pretend didn't happen were back in full force. She'd tried to keep her soft smile, focus on her teachings and quality time with her children, but no mask could stop the distressed cries in her sleep that Frisk no doubt heard.

And now, weeks later, a shadow loomed over Birchpointe. Sunflower Village was safe in its magical barrier, but the children were frightened by the news and the occasional caligino that came too close. Toriel focused herself entirely on their protection...comfort, diversions, and the occasional reinforcement at the perimeter was the most she could do. Keeping a headcount of the children and remembering her funny voices for storytime left no room to think about her own troubles, just as she liked it.

But it wouldn't take much for someone to notice the dark circles under her eyes, the slight droop in her ears, and the shake to her paws. She was reaching her limit, whether she was aware of it or not.]
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(Asgore was warned about visiting Sunflower Village. The children loved him and he always treated them well, but a strong bitterness between himself and Toriel kept his visits rare. With the mysterious caligno on the rise, he was willing to make an exception, especially knowing his wife. They shared the same willingness to overexert themselves for others' sake, a trait that no doubt got both of them into their own fits of trouble.

It's when she's keeping watch of the village perimeter that Asgore makes his appearance, not bothering to try and sneak in. His intentions were always clear: check on the well-being of Toriel and the kids she looked after. The fact that she's out on guard duty says enough of the situation.


(Calling her by that cutesy nickname carried a sting to it nowadays, but he never relented. She may have been willing to give up on what they had, but he wasn't.)

...When was the last time you slept?
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[It's getting into the evening by the time Toriel took watch. Some of the children were already being scooted away for dinner and bed. Toriel had been shuffling slowly around the perimeter, almost looking dead on her feet as she just kept herself moving to stay awake, when motion out of the corner of her eye makes her look to see the figure approaching the gate. Her bleary eyes darken and she turns to face him, shoulders squared. The children loved him, sending him away wasn't a choice she was permitted to make. But that didn't mean she had to enjoy his visits. She scrunches her nose in irritation at his question.]

That is not any concern of yours, Dreemurr.
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It is when exhaustion dulls your awareness and reaction time. Would you have noticed me if I hadn't deliberately walked up to you?

(He knows a thing or two about guard duty. So does Toriel, for that matter.)

You need as much rest as the children, if not more.
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[She scowls at that, and opens her mouth to bark out some snide comment. But then there's a tickle in her throat, and she instead is forced to muffle a cough into her sleeve.

Once it's gone, she glares up at Asgore again, knowing he's going to comment on that.]

I am fine. I'll know if there is a threat approaching. And I do not need you worrying about me! I'll have plenty of time to rest once the danger is clear.