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WHO: Leon and others
WHERE: Just outside Birchpointe
WHEN: Nightfall
WARNINGS: violence and lots of it

[The Makai Knight Garo, famed for the Golden Armor, had just recently been assigned to this territory, due to a strong increase in the numbers of Chaotics in the area. His old region was traded with the knight who had formerly patrolled here, as the Watchdog Center had decided the less powerful knight would be able to work better in a calmer place.

The wearer of the Golden Armor is a young man named Leon Luis. After a very rough start, he's now been hailed fit to wear the armor he inherited from his mother. Of course, the demon ring Zaruba is also with him, providing both useful information and unhelpful sass.

For now, the youth with the spiny red hair and flowing white coat is walking the outskirts of the city, waiting to don his armor until it's needed.]

Zaruba, do you sense anything in this area?

[The skull-shaped ring on his left hand is silent a moment, before it opens its mouth to answer.]

Other than you, Leon, I believe I sense a Sentinel nearby, as well as a number of Chaotics of varying strength. Based on the density of the monsters, I suspect the warrior will soon be overcome.

Point me in their direction.
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WHO: Undyne and YOU
WHERE: the freeway outside of town
WHEN: mid afternoon
WARNINGS: car wreckage and chaos

A loose canon fish who doesn't play by the rules )
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WHO: A Completely Normal Fox™ (Kurt) and everyone else!
WHERE: Some park somewhere
WHEN: Somewhere near the beginning of the year
PROSE OR BRACKETS: I will be using brackets, but you can use prose if you like!
WARNINGS: Possibly trickery, but mostly just pure adorableness.

[It's a strange sight to some people, maybe. A park filled with people or pets -- even less filled because of the usual cold -- is still noisy and intimidating to wild animals, so having a small little fox just confidently stride out into it is quite a sight. It's a pretty thing, covered in really fluffy fur, pure white but for the black spots on its paws, back legs, ears, and tail tip. It even seems to have different colored eyes... one purple, one green! Though perhaps most noticeably... and it doesn't seem to be the least bit intimidated by the dogs around. In fact, it's the other way around: the dogs seem rather insistent on staying away from it!

The little fox trots around the park happily, beelining for any person who has any kind of food it can sniff out. Once it's gotten the person's attention, it proceeds to roll around on its back, stand up on its back legs, give little yips or chatter, and anything cute it possibly can until they give up and give it at least something. A few brave enough to try petting it are rewarded by feeling just how soft that fur is and getting a friendly lick from the fox itself.

Of course, things are never as they seem, and those who can pick up on it will be able to easily feel the aura of trickery and age hanging around the fox like a cloak. He can't manage to hide that, but it doesn't really matter. He's not too worried about someone singling him out.

Spotting yet another person, he trots up to them, sitting up on his back legs to wave his paws in the air in the cutest way he can manage.

Yip yip! How about sharing?]
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WHO: Trym and anyone that happens to be caught out in the storm
WHERE: The streets of Birchpointe
WHEN: Winter, no specific date
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Doesn't matter

[It's normally the time of year when snow is on the ground or in the air. But in areas like Birchpointe rain is nearly as common, and there's a big storm going on today.

The thick, gray clouds roll in over the city in the morning, and with a loud crack the rain starts coming down. It isn't long before everything is soaked with it coming down in sheets, and between that and the plate-rattling thunder, outside in Birchpointe is a place not fit for man nor beast.

....So why, then, is there someone sitting on the street lamp? That's an excellent place to get struck by lightning, but he doesn't seem to care. Nor does he seem to mind that he's just as wet as everything around him. In fact he's even listening to music to judge by the wires coming down from his ears and trailing into his pocket, even if that detail might be hard to see from the sidewalk.

If I didn't know better, it was him that was controlling the storm. He was bouncy all over, sit-dancing to whatever he was listening to, and every now and then he'd point up at the sky- and lightning would course through the clouds, strike some point in the distance. His fingers danced and then he threw his hands out, and thunder rumbled up and passed by overhead. He pumped his fists with a loud whoop and in response the sky positively opened up, thunder and lightning snapping around just above him.

He didn't stay in one place though, no. The rain would make its way across Birchpointe and he'd be right there with it, following along on streetlights, signs, and rooftops like they were his personal sidewalk. Sometimes he'd be in the thickest part and sometimes he'd be at the outskirts where rain was soft and thunder but a whisper, but always the storm was bending to his will.

How he can even hear his music over the din is beyond this writer, though. But perhaps, if there's someone out there to come across him, that would be one of but MANY questions to be asked.]
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WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: The mountains at the edge of Birchpointe
WHEN: December 1st-January 2nd
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Whatever feels good, man!

[Just as it had been in years past, the Winter Village was open for festivities. And what excellent timing, because everyone could use a little holiday cheer now, after the trying weeks gone by.

The village as a whole was in the lower reaches of the nearby mountains, with shuttles going back and forth between it and the main city. And what a village to behold once you arrived. The entire place was always covered with snow but never fear, the sidewalks and streets were always kept as safe to walk on as they could.

It was a collection of lodges and other buildings, all of them with fires going for warmth and spending time chatting by the comforting crackle and glow. Though holly dominates the decorations, other winter holidays could be found wound in with everything else, no one forgotten during this season. Many lodges offered rooms for those wishing to stay up here for some time, and all offered shelter and simple menus. Larger buildings were dedicated shops and cafes, as always, and there was one large banquet hall in the center of town that always had some feast going.

The center of town was also home to a large Christmas tree, decorated up and down with glistening colored lights and tinsel, and topped with a symbol of peace. Lights were strung all through the center and meandered back out into the streets, giving a warm feeling to the sidewalks whenever the sun set and the streetlamps all turned on.

The outer edge of the village led up to skiing and snowboarding hills, with ski lifts being transport between there and the main part of town. Walking trails led away from the ski center and into the mountain hills, and if you took the right one you'd find the large lake frozen over for ice skating.

It was an idyllic winterscape, carefully tended by unseen influence, the only hint being deer slots in the snow that only ever appeared overnight. Whatever your snow-time fancy you'll likely find it here somewhere, perfect for enjoying the holidays.]

((OOC: This is the main mingle/hub for the winter event! Feel free to put up a general top-level, or do it by date, or however you'd like. New posts can be made, all with the same event tag.

Characters can stay at the village or their own homes and commute. This will run through New Year's Day ICly, but can backtag into infinity. Feel free to post under any of the top levels below, or make your own!))
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WHO: A despondent suspect named Chloe Garth
WHERE: Birchpointe Jail, Hospital Wing and Evidence Room
WHEN: November 30th
OPEN/CLOSED: OPEN to law enforcement and law-types
WARNINGS: Mentions of murder and violence.

[They've gathered up what evidence they could, but the evidence, while some of it circumstantial, certainly seems pretty damning. Trevor Markusson had recorded a murder committed by a demon towards a human, and Chloe Garth had used her powers to kill Trevor, becoming a Chaotic in the process and then going on a rampage that killed and hurt more people. Yet the impossible happened - Chloe turned back from being a Chaotic.

Chloe, of course, claimed to be a normal human. Claimed not to remember anything. But even with the strange markings that have appeared on her, there's no indications she is or was truly possessed, and the sigil of the Steel Thorn was found burnt into one of the walls of their room. And the murder having happened after that recording, how can that be coincidence? Becoming a Chaotic isn't considered a legal offense, nor is lack of memory.

So she's now in custody, recovering and awaiting her indictment on first-degree murder. Unless someone can uncover anything from her - or the evidence - to suggest she's truly innocent, this girl's future isn't looking too good.]
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WHO: Sara Sidle (and Crows) and Open
WHERE: A park in/near town
WHEN: Evening
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Whatever, I'll start with prose, but will follow you!

Evening was one of Sara's favorite times of day. )
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WHO: Ran and Atawhai
WHERE: an outdoor cafe near Ran's apartment
WHEN: mid-afternoon
WARNINGS: BOYFRANZ might be actual warnings later

Yet another adorable Ata/Ran moment )
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WHO: Daniel and a stray dog (for given values of "stray" and "dog")
WHERE: Starting at the park then moving to Crystal Heights apartment complex
WHEN: Beginning of the week
WARNINGS: Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooog

[As interesting as his latest trip was, Daniel was definitely glad to be back home. He'd felt kind of a pressure being at the seat of the Sentinels, and while he'd certainly been happy back among his peers, there was nothing quite like the comfort of being home.

He was heading down the sidewalk that wound through the middle of the park, taking a shortcut home after doing a little shopping. Though his thoughts were roaming freely, at a sudden strange sound nearby he stopped and turned, focusing on it, instantly on edge.

It didn't sound dangerous though, and so he relaxed, at least enough that he wasn't on wary edge. No, in fact it sounded hurt, and that made him worried...]
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WHO: ???
WHERE: Western area of Birchpointe
WHEN: Nov. 22nd
WARNINGS: Violence, burning, possible death

have erupted )
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WHO: Kit (in fox form)
WHERE: Skulking around some garbage bins, or anywhere really
WHEN: Late November, Dawn or Dusk
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Either or. I lean to prose, but brackets are fine too.
WARNINGS: Starvation, possibly ptsd, trust issues, mentions of past trauma

Is there food here... )
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WHO: Arthur Lee and his friends
WHERE: The giant castle in the clouds, just outside Birchepointe
WHEN: Just after Jacob publicly made him accidentally create a disaster at the edge of town
WARNINGS: Depression, Panic Attack

[It was blinding, the tears drained his sight as Arthur kept climbing up the beanstalk. He just kept going. He didn't want to look back, all of his fear and panic kept him rushing so far. All his mind could think of was to go back home. Hide from everyone. He saw those faces of those citizens. Arthur knew the humans were going to speak ill of him. And how fast word spreads can be rapid. How hatred can multiply so quickly that they'd want him banned for life. The destruction he caused by just being what he was.

And Jacob, oh God. That man, he was back. The flood of horrid memories of what happened to his family. The possibility of what might happen to his friends because of him, sent his heart racing til it hurt, making his visions see nothing by flashes of white and red.

He was already convinced, no matter what his friends might say or do...

No one will want him back. Even if they do, what good will it do, being what he is?

A giant.

Arthur practically tripped over his own feet as he stumbled through the front doors of his castle. Clumsily leaving them open as he accidentally knocked over a chair and some items as he desperately made his way to his room. Slamming the door behind him, and locking it, before sliding down the frame of the door, trembling before he screamed.

Punching the door making a large dent through it, Arthur paused as he looked down at the now gaping mark in the door. His heavy breaths as his tears ran down his cheek. He shakily made his way from the door. Forcing himself up just so he could collapse on the bed. Holding the pillow close to him, throwing his glasses off as they hit his bed side table. Not caring if they break or not at this point as he buried his face in the pillow, his trembled sobs being the only noise he made as he clung to the sheets.]

It's my f-fault… No m-matter what I do… I-It's always…

[He punched the side of the bed a few more times til he just gave up and laid on the bed, trembling in his tears. Feeling the pain of his heart breaking literally within his chest sending violent shivers as he cried harder into the pillow.]
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WHO: Jacob Barnett and those who saw what happened to poor Arthur
WHERE: Just near the edge of town
WHEN: Late afternoon, autumn
WARNINGS: Wreckage, injuries

But who is the real monster here? )

Moving Woes

Nov. 4th, 2015 02:30 pm
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WHO: Getsuei and whatever poor soul comes across her path
WHERE: On the side of the road in downtown Birchpointe, and later in front of an apartment building.
WHEN: Early November, mid-day


[Moving is never easy. Something always goes wrong, no matter what. If it doesn't fall apart at the start, it does at the end. Getsuei should have known this; she should have seen the warning signs when she found a really good deal on an apartment in a decent city, or when she discovered there was nothing major wrong with it, or when she found a coupon for a moving truck. Things were going too well.]

[Which is probably why she ended up driving through a pack of Chaotics just outside town. By a stroke of luck ,she managed to outrun them, but they took their toll. The poor van managed to make it a short way into the city, but it gave up just a bit too soon.]

[So now, there is a beaten-down moving van on the side of the road, filled with scorch marks, claw marks, and bites, three popped tires and the fourth barely recognizable as one, a smoking engine, and a completely missing driver's side door. There's a short woman of... indistinguishable race and/or species under the hood trying to fix it, but judging from the fact that her efforts amount to punching the engine block, it's not going so well.]

[Perhaps she could use a hand.]


[By some miracle, the moving van situation gets sorted out. Getsuei manages to make it to her new place with everything mostly intact, but one problem remains: her apartment's on the third floor and those staircases are tiny. How is she going to get her stuff up there? She could carry it just fine thanks to her abilities as an esper, but that doesn't solve the problem of getting things to fit into that stairwell.]


[...She's got an idea, but she's gonna need help. Maybe someone walking by could give her a hand? Doesn't hurt to ask.]

Hey, hey! You! D'you think you can catch a couch? What about a dresser?
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WHO: Arthur and friends
WHERE: The giant castle in the clouds, just outside Birchepointe
WHEN: Halloween

[It was that time again, All Hallow's Eve did come across the city of Birchepointe. Everyone dressed in costume, trick or treating, or staying up late watching scary movies. And the most fun of all, people were throwing Halloween Parties. Such as the case for Arthur who decided to host a party for all his friends.

Arthur sent out the invitation to all the people he met and were friends with. Or even was just friendly respected. Arthur thought it might be a good idea considering his castle might as well be a huge mansion considering it's on scale for giant sized people.

The castle was up in the clouds, decorated in the most spooky of Halloween things. With bats, pumpkins, cute ghosts and black cat decorations. It really wasn't all that scary looking considering most of the things he had decorated might as well look like something for kids. But it's what he had, plus he personally found some of the actual scary stuff too spooky even for him.

Along the stoney path from the beanstalk there was a giant door to the castle has a little one on the bottom for regular size folks to enter. Which might as well be everyone. There were step ladders and cavoyer belts all over the place to help people get around the castle with ease. If not, find your host Arthur. He's easy to spot, he's the giant ghostbuster. He'll be happy to help you reach something that might be too tall for you.

So explore the place, mingle, have fun! This a Halloween party after all!]
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WHO: Daniel, Carys, Yang and Blake
WHERE: Daniel's/Blake's/Yang's place
WHEN: Not long after the Chaotic event
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Either way, man
WARNINGS: Sentinel stuff

Just as she said she would do, Carys sent her report to the Council. If anyone needed to know about the existence of intelligent Chaotics, it was them. This is a first in the history of Chaotics, a fact that troubles the elder Sentinel.

Apparently, it troubled the Council just as much, given the almost immediate response they sent. Not only had their letter reached Carys very quickly, but they requested her presence in Oar's Rest to give her account on the matter.

Her's and Daniel's.

The Sentinel stands before the door to their home in her usual attire (mask off, though. Just because it's business doesn't mean she can't be friendly.), knocking. Since they specifically asked for Daniel, Blake and Yang have every right to know what they're asking of him.
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WHO: Chris and Martin
WHERE: Birchpointe Main Library
WHEN: October 20th, early afternoon
WARNINGS: None at the moment

[Chris approached their arranged meeting spot with a bit of trepidation. Ever since a particular sighting during the Chaotic raid, he'd been looking into absolutely everything he could about the monsters and their activity over history. And the more he found, the more worried he got.

Honestly, he should've been doing this before now, he reflected. But maybe it took the raid to really show something unusual was going on. You know what they say, the first time is unusual. The second time is noteworthy.

But three? Three's a pattern.

And so he'd contacted his brother and asked him to come into town, cautioning him to be casual about it. The more Chris researched the more he felt like someone was breathing down his neck... Hopefully it was just the spooky atmosphere of the month at hand, and the residual effects from the attack. At least very few had died!

Then again with Chaotics, even that was strange.

He thought about all of this as he headed down to a different floor of the library from where he'd been scrolling through old newspapers, and his warning to "be casual" was in his own mind as he neared the study room he and Martin had agreed to meet at. Being the one at the spot, it was clearly his duty to make sure there was no one around, right?

So anyone who is around is going to be treated with a view of an incubus suddenly peeking around the end of a bookshelf, then sneeeeaking out and to the next one. He pressed up against a wall and sidestepped along it, sliding into the room it opened into.

Now just to wait for his brother.]
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WHO: Daniel, Blake, and Benny
WHERE: Nearby City Hall in Birchepointe
WHEN: Early Afternoon
WARNINGS: Buncha nerds reunited

[When Benny saw on the News recently of the filmed footage of Daniel fighting the chaotic raid in Birchepointe, he knew he HAD to try and find him. Remembering the awful event of when they were much younger there weren't many left alive that day. Benny feared the worst came to his friend, although he tried his best to stay positive it wasn't until he saw that footage was his hopes truly lifted. At least he finally he knew where to look for his friend.

But to his misfortune, he couldn't find Daniel in any directory, he didn't even have very good luck in City Hall. He was in one of the phone booths looking frustrated as ever. He knew the news report was about this city, he HAD to be here.]
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WHO: The Chaotics and those involved in the event
WHERE: Starting in Birchpointe square and expanding outward
WHEN: Late at night on the same day as the raid
WARNINGS: ....What the...

[It was a long and hard battle, yet slowly but surely the Chaotic menace was beaten back.

What was left by the time "late at night" gets blurry with "early in the morning" were only a few dozen individuals, now huddled together downtown, near the large trees that'd given the city its name. They were faced off against several fighters, two opposing forces that weren't, at the moment, actually combatting.

They were both waiting to see who would make the first move.]
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WHO: The population of Birchpointe. This means YOU!
WHERE: Through the streets of the city
WHEN: Today (OOCly continuing as far as it needs to, so backtags welcome!)
WARNINGS: Likely violence, fear, etcetc

[Day dawns unassumingly enough, but it's the day that everything changes for Birchpointe.

Panic slowly spreads into the heart of the city from the outskirts. People start trying to find out what's going on, but all lines are cut. The news is off the air, and rolling blackouts make further communication difficult. Sirens wail in the distance, and frightened citizens start filtering in to emergency rooms across the city.

They all tell of the same story, and soon those denying the truth come to fear it too, as the destruction breaches the thick of Birchpointe.

Chaotics. Hundreds of them, if not more. They stream through the streets, catching on their teeth and claws those too slow, too frightened to otherwise get away. They're all shapes and sizes, swooping in on the populace and tearing it asunder.

For those willing to fight rather than hide, there's plenty of opportunities. Meet them in the streets or in the air, try to stem the tide. But be warned, you're outnumbered 10 to 1.

For those focused on hiding, luckily enough the Chaotics aren't coming indoors. It may be that most are too big or that they sense their natural mobility will be greatly hampered in rooms and halls, but nearly every building becomes a safe haven. From here channels to safety can be created, and perhaps most can survive.

Unfortunately, power outages are frequent and cell service is flickering. Some Chaotics are crashing down power poles in their rampage, adding to the chaos.

So what will you do? Run? Get others to safety?


Whatever it is, it's time to make your stand, for otherwise Birchpointe may fall.]

((OOC: Alright, this is it! This basically works like any other mingle post, with a focus on fighting of course. Post with your character, encounter or save others, and kill some Chaotics! Ping [plurk.com profile] zumidotexe or PM this account to have a Chaotic show up in your thread, but otherwise you're free to NPC them yourselves.

The post will be going as long as it needs to, but its IC ending will take place a few days from now. Feel free to continue tagging after that, though. If you have any last minute questions, use the channels mentioned above and otherwise, fight strong!))


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