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WHO: The Chaotics and those involved in the event
WHERE: Starting in Birchpointe square and expanding outward
WHEN: Late at night on the same day as the raid
WARNINGS: ....What the...

[It was a long and hard battle, yet slowly but surely the Chaotic menace was beaten back.

What was left by the time "late at night" gets blurry with "early in the morning" were only a few dozen individuals, now huddled together downtown, near the large trees that'd given the city its name. They were faced off against several fighters, two opposing forces that weren't, at the moment, actually combatting.

They were both waiting to see who would make the first move.]
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WHO: The population of Birchpointe. This means YOU!
WHERE: Through the streets of the city
WHEN: Today (OOCly continuing as far as it needs to, so backtags welcome!)
WARNINGS: Likely violence, fear, etcetc

[Day dawns unassumingly enough, but it's the day that everything changes for Birchpointe.

Panic slowly spreads into the heart of the city from the outskirts. People start trying to find out what's going on, but all lines are cut. The news is off the air, and rolling blackouts make further communication difficult. Sirens wail in the distance, and frightened citizens start filtering in to emergency rooms across the city.

They all tell of the same story, and soon those denying the truth come to fear it too, as the destruction breaches the thick of Birchpointe.

Chaotics. Hundreds of them, if not more. They stream through the streets, catching on their teeth and claws those too slow, too frightened to otherwise get away. They're all shapes and sizes, swooping in on the populace and tearing it asunder.

For those willing to fight rather than hide, there's plenty of opportunities. Meet them in the streets or in the air, try to stem the tide. But be warned, you're outnumbered 10 to 1.

For those focused on hiding, luckily enough the Chaotics aren't coming indoors. It may be that most are too big or that they sense their natural mobility will be greatly hampered in rooms and halls, but nearly every building becomes a safe haven. From here channels to safety can be created, and perhaps most can survive.

Unfortunately, power outages are frequent and cell service is flickering. Some Chaotics are crashing down power poles in their rampage, adding to the chaos.

So what will you do? Run? Get others to safety?


Whatever it is, it's time to make your stand, for otherwise Birchpointe may fall.]

((OOC: Alright, this is it! This basically works like any other mingle post, with a focus on fighting of course. Post with your character, encounter or save others, and kill some Chaotics! Ping [ profile] zumidotexe or PM this account to have a Chaotic show up in your thread, but otherwise you're free to NPC them yourselves.

The post will be going as long as it needs to, but its IC ending will take place a few days from now. Feel free to continue tagging after that, though. If you have any last minute questions, use the channels mentioned above and otherwise, fight strong!))


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