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WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: The mountains at the edge of Birchpointe
WHEN: December 1st-January 2nd
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Whatever feels good, man!

[Just as it had been in years past, the Winter Village was open for festivities. And what excellent timing, because everyone could use a little holiday cheer now, after the trying weeks gone by.

The village as a whole was in the lower reaches of the nearby mountains, with shuttles going back and forth between it and the main city. And what a village to behold once you arrived. The entire place was always covered with snow but never fear, the sidewalks and streets were always kept as safe to walk on as they could.

It was a collection of lodges and other buildings, all of them with fires going for warmth and spending time chatting by the comforting crackle and glow. Though holly dominates the decorations, other winter holidays could be found wound in with everything else, no one forgotten during this season. Many lodges offered rooms for those wishing to stay up here for some time, and all offered shelter and simple menus. Larger buildings were dedicated shops and cafes, as always, and there was one large banquet hall in the center of town that always had some feast going.

The center of town was also home to a large Christmas tree, decorated up and down with glistening colored lights and tinsel, and topped with a symbol of peace. Lights were strung all through the center and meandered back out into the streets, giving a warm feeling to the sidewalks whenever the sun set and the streetlamps all turned on.

The outer edge of the village led up to skiing and snowboarding hills, with ski lifts being transport between there and the main part of town. Walking trails led away from the ski center and into the mountain hills, and if you took the right one you'd find the large lake frozen over for ice skating.

It was an idyllic winterscape, carefully tended by unseen influence, the only hint being deer slots in the snow that only ever appeared overnight. Whatever your snow-time fancy you'll likely find it here somewhere, perfect for enjoying the holidays.]

((OOC: This is the main mingle/hub for the winter event! Feel free to put up a general top-level, or do it by date, or however you'd like. New posts can be made, all with the same event tag.

Characters can stay at the village or their own homes and commute. This will run through New Year's Day ICly, but can backtag into infinity. Feel free to post under any of the top levels below, or make your own!))


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