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WHO: Allie and YOU loyal customers!
WHERE: the Panda Pastries specialty store
WHEN: afternoon
WARNINGS: Strange and maybe occasionally delicious-sounding foods, wall of text.

A. [It's Thursday afternoon, which meant it was time for a new episode of one of the fastest-growing cooking shows on the net! Isn't that a cute little fuzzy girl in the thumbnail? Why don't you give it a click? Yup, that sure is a short girl with black and white fur and a big adorable smile on the screen!]

Hey guys, it's Allie, welcome to another Demon Delicacies! I got so many requests to make something for our feline friends... [as shown on screen. yup, that sure is a lot of comments requesting something for cat demons] So today I'm going to make something I've never done on the show before, I'm so excited! Today we will be making fish and chips with catnip dipping sauce! Yumyumyumyum! Alright, [she raises her finger in the air and waves it triumphantly] let's get started!

The things you will need will be...

[And this is where mun decides that the joke really isn't worth reenacting an entire episode. But boy, those catnip fish'n'chips sound tasty, eh kitties? Maybe some of Birchpointe's feline residents might give it a try!]

B. [When Allie wasn't on the set of her cooking show, she was up front in her specialty food store. The windows were filled with the occasional regular old cupcakes and cookies, but mainly her stock catered to demons whose diets consisted of things you wouldn't find in a human's grocery store. Blood tarts, energy bars made of various vegetables, herbs or even leaves, homemade bottled plantfood blends, if a demon somewhere would eat it, she had it. She even had some special home-grown herbs like catnip behind the counter for anyone who asked.

But today was a pretty slow day, and the squat little panda could never sit still surrounded by all the food she made. So she was occupying herself with one of the bamboo cupcakes that was sitting on the counter. Just one wouldn't hurt sales, right?

...well anyway, perhaps someone ought to step in and have a look around her shop.]


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