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WHO: Ember and whoever would like to try talking with her
WHERE: Birchpointe; an open area in the outskirts between the city and the woods
WHEN: Midday
OPEN/CLOSED: Part A is opened; part B is closed
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Will start with brackets, but can match replies
WARNINGS: Maybe some aloofness and/or awkwardness?

[Despite the sky being overcast, it was a rather warm day in Birchpointe. The dry kind of warm where the air seemed charged with electricity, and the heat seemed to simmer anywhere it was allowed to settle.

It was on this day that a girl slowly made her way around the city, taking her time as she aimlessly wandered. She didn't seem to have any particular destination in mind, and seemed almost curious while taking in the city, as though she'd never seen anything quite like it before.

For the most part, there didn't seem to be much that stood out about her. But those who happened to closely observe her might feel a...presence about her. Despite her drifting through the streets, there was something in the way she stood, the way she carried herself, that gave off a feeling of significance...something heavy in the air around her that was more stifling than the heat of the day.

Those whose attention she's managed to capture with her presence might then notice the red stone she wore around her neck. And anyone had a chance to watch more closely might realize that it was not just an ordinary gem she wore. Something about the gemstone - the way the light flickered inside of it - seemed almost alive, in the way fire seemed to have a life and a will of its own.

But even those who might notice these things about her only had a moment to recognize them before she was gone, moving on to continue idly make her way through town. Her aura might intimidate some, but others might be brave enough to try speaking to her, if they think she's worth talking to.]

[She had spent most of the day observing the city, but as the clouds rumbled in the sky above, gathering the current that had been building up in the air, she headed outside of the city, somewhere she could be undisturbed.

She kept her guise though, just in case, even as she removed the red gem from around her neck. Flames flickered around it as it grew, revealing a scepter that she then held in her hands as she looked up towards the sky.

Taking a breath, she then held up the scepter just as a bolt of lightning ripped through sky, aiming straight for the staff. But the fiery stone seemed to absorb the electricity, causing the girl to grin.

Then, taking careful aim at the clouds and away from the city, she shot a similar bolt of lightning from her scepter. The energy charged through the air before dispersing, having no target to hit.

Feeling a bit more confident now, she raised her staff again, absorbing more lightning into the gem. But as she took aim and released, the energy built up crackled and protested, pushing against her control. So the shot she fired was more powerful than she'd intended, bursting through the air in a dangerous wave back towards the city.]

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WHO: Arthur, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie
WHERE: Just outside Fluttershy's house
WHEN: Summertime

[Making the recovery was a process for Arthur. When he heard Fluttershy was friends with Pinkie Pie, the girl who tried to help him during the March. He was very much interested in seeing her again. They've decided a tea party would be just the thing. Arthur was trying to adjust himself back, he was still shakey, bruises and cuts were healing but it was his mental state that was still on it's way. He had to convince himself to not be nervous around humans again. But he was thankful that he at least knew this human was good. He certainly knew when he protected her from harm as well during that.

Arthur took the time as he set up the table for the two girls. He noticabley with stop for a moment or two to take a breath quietly, before he'd return to helping set up the table for the tea party.]


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