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WHO: Atawhai and Ran
WHERE: The streets of Birchpointe
WHEN: Afternoon
WARNINGS: Gaaaaaay possibility for later warnings

It wasn't uncommon anymore to find Atawhai and Ran together. They were very much together at this point, and they didn't really care who knew about it. At least, Atawhai had always been incredibly open about it, excited to talk to anyone who would listen about Ran. He wasn't obnoxious about it, he just...loved him, a lot. And he wanted him to know as much.

Today they're walking together down the street away from the busier parts of town as they head for a cafe they'd been planning on having lunch together at. Atawhai managed to sneak his hand into Ran's a while ago, and now he's swinging their arms as they walk, whiskers twitching as he flashes him a broad, toothy smile.

"It sure is getting hot out, isn't it? Makes me wish I could get away with wearing less. Maybe I should get a hair cut..."
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WHO: Ran and Atawhai
WHERE: an outdoor cafe near Ran's apartment
WHEN: mid-afternoon
WARNINGS: BOYFRANZ might be actual warnings later

Yet another adorable Ata/Ran moment )
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WHO: Ran
WHERE: Birchpointe Academy, around different parts of campus (ie, wherever you want nearby)
WHEN: mid-day

[It's been very odd for Ran, spending his mornings taking classes. He'd always been tutored or home schooled, so the concept of going to classes around a campus is something terribly new to him. His normal quietness hasn't been helping matters, but he's never done well in crowds, so that hasn't surprised him very much. Meeting new people is sure to happen, but he's not about to force the issue.]
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[While Ran's dreams of his parents were often troubling, his daydreams could leave him in a stupor. Rarely did he allow the thoughts to plague him so, but it can be difficult to keep unwanted thoughts at bay. The bittersweet memories were most often called up in the older sections of Birchpointe, where he'd lived with his parents while he was still young. Some of the parks and playgrounds he remembered well have been torn down by now, but some still stand.

One such playground holds a memory that he still holds very dearly to this day. Not because of its nature as a means to recall the faces and mannerisms of his parents, but because this was the first place he'd ever met the man he would later come to know as his father.

He couldn't help but wonder what it might be like to visit this place again with King some day, to relive that very moment when they'd first seen each other. But as Ran entered the fenced-in lot where the playground sits, he decides against ever asking. As busy as his father is with the Arcanum, there was hardly any time for such recreation. Yet even then, the thought lingers, as the sounds of playing children seem to pull Ran out of the real world and into even deeper into his own thoughts.

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