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[It's about once a week when Rongo goes into the nearby town for supplies, though calling it a "town" may be a little generous. It's really just a main street, lined on either side with row houses that have shops and cafes on their first floors and apartments above. Most of Rongo's favorite stores are here, in part because there are only a couple of big chains and many mom-and-pop places. The smaller stores are also much quieter as well, allowing him much more peace and quiet than he could find at a supermarket or large corporate grocery franchise. The other bonus was that this small piece of Birchpointe was all very proud of having a champion arena fighter in their midst, so he can walk around in his hybrid form with little concern.

Rongo decides to end his morning run in the town today to pick up some groceries, not minding in the least that he has about an hour long walk back home from here.]
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WHO: Rongo and Soma
WHERE: the fighting arena
WHEN: mid-afternoon
WARNINGS: a bit of violence

[Rongo almost feels bad when he swiftly dispatches his opponent. A massive kick to the bull demon's ribs, followed by the weretiger's knee impacting his gut, and the guy is down for the count, hardly able to breathe. Rongo has to feel sorry for the guy, because it seems like he was set up for failure with this match. Only a few motions in and it was obvious how little experience the bull had, and when fighting against an opponent like Rongo that's something that no amount of strength can make up for. The bull was quite strong of course, as they tend to be, but there's only so much a punch can do to a fighter who's trained to block nearly any kind of attack.

The bell rings as the bull gasps for air, and Rongo helps him to his feet, and out of the ring. The bull graciously accepts, and leans on the weretiger as they walk back into the prep room for first aid and patch-ups. Rongo's next stop is the locker rooms, intending to shower some of this extra sweat and dirt out of his fur.]
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WHO: Rongo and Daniel
WHERE: Around Birchpointe
WHEN: Beginning of September
WARNINGS: None at the moment, but I'll edit if it changes

[Daniel was out in downtown Birchpointe today, at the moment standing in a short line by a food truck. Every now and then a brisk autumn wind would pick up, fluttering the ends of his black and red cloak around him, but he paid it no mind. He did sweep his hair out of his eyes every now and again, not for the first time thinking a haircut should probably be on the docket.

He would also glance around him, like he was scanning his surroundings for someone, whether someone he was waiting for or someone he was avoiding was impossible to tell. Sighing lightly, he glanced down to work at a smudged scratch in part of a gauntlet with his thumb]


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