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Seeker in the Dark

Who: A certain demivampire and YOU
Where: Outskirts of Birchpointe
When: Middle of the night
Open/Closed: Open!
Prose/Brackets: Either is fine
Warnings: Probable violence and language

[Outdoors, night. The full moon hangs high overhead, casting a blood-red tint over everything in sight. Considering that it's supposed to be quarter moon waning, this might strike a lot of people as somewhat odd. The color, if nothing else, should give most people pause.]

[If you think the moon's disturbing... you better stay out of that clearing ahead. The one where there's currently a lot of growling, howling, roaring, screaming, and odd flashes of light. Quite the cacophony, actually. Is someone holding a rave? No - at least not one with music.]

[Those who dare to approach will find... quite a lot of Chaotics. Quite a lot of disabled Chaotics, but just as many live and angry ones. And one man, wearing a long white coat - one that seems to remain unstained, despite all the various fluids splashing about as he wields what looks to be a broadsword wreathed in flames.]

[The question is... do you want to join the melee, or stand back and watch? Maybe set up a stand and start selling tickets, beverages, or things wriggling on sticks? Or maybe try to save this damned fool who's clearly bitten off way more than he can chew?]
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Over there, Leon!

Got it, Zaruba!

[The ring calls out just one more direction before Leon emerges into a clearing, eyes going wide at the sheer number of Chaotics before him.]

Looks like someone's been trying to do your job for you.

[Without answering the ring, Leon draws his sword and shouts, getting the attention of as many of the Chaotics as he can.]

Careful, Leon! Your little helper is still here somewhere!

[The knight's sword is quick, cutting down one Chaotic after another as they approach him. He's saving his armor for the last minute, knowing he'll need it if Zaruba's right, and there's someone here who might need a very fast rescue.]
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[The Makai Knight doesn't pay much attention to the way the other is fighting, and wastes no time in dispatching every Chaotic within reach. The only important things to him are the safety of the demon, and the elimination of the Chaotics.]

What the hell is it with this town? There are more Chaotics here than grains of sand in an hourglass!

[Zaruba is trying to yell over the noise of the fighting, and it's not working terribly well.

Leon, for his part, is having no trouble at all dispatching the crazed beasts, his Makai blade tearing through them as if they're made of paper.]
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[Leon watches with interest, covering his eyes at just the right moment to shield them from the light. The effects hardly surprise him, but if this is what the other warrior wants to do, then the knight is going to wait his turn. He'll clean up any that are left.]

Geez, with that kind of power he should be a Makai Knight! What do you think, Leon?

A Makai Knight wouldn't leave a field half full of injured Chaotics, waiting for them to strike again.

[Zaruba frowns at Leon's matter-of-fact tone, but he doesn't argue.]
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[Leon's surprised that he never had to summon his armor, but thankful at the same time. He makes short work of the Chaotics trying to leave, giving them no quarter and not allowing even a single one to escape.]

Why are so many Chaotics all gathering in one place, anyway?

That's just what I was wondering.