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These are the duties of a troubleshooter in the employ of the Order of Ecclesia: First, find trouble. Second, shoot it (with suitable variances for allowance of personal choice on 'shoot').

Soma was a very, very good troubleshooter.

When Chaotics started pouring out of bars where none had been to start with, he began to get a sinking feeling of deja vu. When witnesses confirmed that all of the newly-spawned Chaotics had formerly been people, that feeling hit his gut like a lead weight. It was happening again, and this time, he had absolutely zero chance of saving them all. Not with other people out there making with the slaughter, and certainly not with so damn many of them.

Some would have to do - and he would have to try to convince others that these poor souls could, just maybe, be saved. That goal locked firmly in mind, he waded in, shouting to each defender he could reach that they should try not to kill, if they could help it - incapacitate and capture was the order of the day. He dared to hope.

Fate does so love to crush hope.

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