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Bored and Frustrated in the City

WHO: Anyone
WHERE: J's Random Cafe (no, really, that's the name of the place)
WHEN: ICly mid to late July
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Either is fine
WARNINGS: Moody vampire?

[It's been a couple months since the insanity of humans turning into chaotics started, and Soma, frankly, has had about enough. Unfortunately, since he's been able to find approximately zero leads, this pretty much means he's frustrated to the point of dropping the whole subject.]

[It's for this reason that he's returned his attention to Steel Thorn, and their forces still in the city. It's become increasingly apparent to him that a force that large couldn't just appear out of nowhere - at least part of them had to have been local.]

[...Unfortunately he has almost as little information about Steel Thorn as he does about the chaotics, which means he's currently sulking in a cafe in downtown Birchpointe, not really paying the cup of tea he's ordered a whole lot of attention, not really reading a newspaper, not really watching his surroundings - in short, he's unfocused and inattentive. If you wanted to try a potshot, or try to start a conversation, this is probably a good time for it.]

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