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WHO: Undyne and YOU
WHERE: outside an apartment complex
WHEN: late at night

It'd been a while since Undyne had a night this bad. Couldn't get comfortable, too many weird noises, Alphys kept kicking her, and on top of all that, nightmares. She couldn't remember the last time she had'd been so long ago she claimed she was over it, save for excitedly telling the story of how she lost her eye.

Finally at almost four in the morning, she couldn't stand it anymore. Careful not to disturb Alphys, she slid out of bed and quickly found a pair of shorts on the floor before slinking out. Maybe a run through the neighborhood would calm her nerves.
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At four AM, there's not a lot of foot traffic. But there are a few, a dedicated few, who think it's just about the perfect hour to go out for a stroll. Lots of those happen to be of the supernatural bent, for some of whom sunlight isn't the most pleasant of things; for others, it's just the most restless hour, when most of the rest of the world is asleep.

For Soma, it's a little of both, but mostly a whole lot of pent up energy. So, he's out running too - for once, in something other than his trademarked white trench and jeans. He's in a tank and shorts, loose and comfortable enough that he's more or less not even paying attention to where he is or how fast he's going.

Which is why, when Undyne has just gotten started with her run, a white blur catches up and paces her with relative ease. Why did he slow down? Partly because she caught his eye. Partly because, frankly, it's more fun to run with someone else, no matter what they may happen to be.
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"Too much on my mind," he admits, adopting an easy loping stride that either of them should be able to keep up just about all day. "Been that kind of month, between one thing and another."

He wasn't going to come right out and say it, but he was getting tired of the routine he'd fallen into in Birchpointe. Going out in the evening to hunt, back indoors by midnight, and nothing to do for most of the rest of the night and day. The downtime was driving him slowly, inexorably insane with boredom.
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They run on for a while, nothing too competitive about it, just enjoying the cool pre-dawn mists. But when they reach the bridge, Soma smiles a slightly evil little smile. "Race you to the other side? Winner buys drinks."

Of course, the bridge is empty right now. A fairly straight run, really. He frowns at that. "Hmm. Maybe a bit further than the end of the bridge. There's a cafe about a mile from here. They have pretty good tea, and they stay open all hours. What d'you think? That sound like a decent workout?"
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He grins back at her, showing just a hint of fang. "Okay, but just to keep it interesting, I won't use any magic. Without your bike, it wouldn't be fair."

They're at the near edge of the bridge now, and it looks like just as good a place as any to set the starting line. He takes a moment to do a couple of quick hamstring stretches before settling into a runner's crouch. "I'll let you do the countdown. It's a straight shot to the cafe, on the right side of the road."
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Aaaaand they're OFF! Out of the gate it's UNDYNE with a half-second lead, with SOMA trailing through the opening stretch. Round the corner, SOMA makes a break for it, taking the curve on the inside. Heading down the second stretch they're neck and neck, both of them setting a blistering pace. Outta nowhere a MACK TRUCK enters the fray, blowing through the red light like it ain't even there. SOMA executes a long baseball slide, clearing the underside of the trailer and the rear wheels by a fraction of a second - what will UNDYNE do?!
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Not wanting to take an unfair advantage, Soma follows her up onto the mobile truck platforms, executing a tidy flip and roll in the process. It soon becomes clear, however, that neither of them is going to make much headway like this - they simply aren't fast enough to overcome the speed of their moving runway. So, Soma catches Undyne's eye for a second, then jerks his head towards the sidewalk. Time to get off this crazy ride and get back to the important stuff.