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Aeslyn Blackrose ([personal profile] blackrose_born) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall2016-08-08 07:14 am

Not Your Average Corner Store

WHO: Aeslyn and whoever happens to come by her shop
WHERE: 'Convenience store'
WHEN: Late summer/early autumn
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Either is fine
WARNINGS: Unintentional cute?

[What actually qualifies as a convenience store in a city where there are vicious wild creatures, weapons that turn into other weapons, people who don't need weapons to fight the aforementioned creatures, and a general overpopulation of assholes?]

[Why, a one-stop weapons and armor shop, that's what! This one in particular has a very nice selection of gear, ranging from the mundane to the obviously enchanted, with a whole lot of side-paths in between. And if the proprietor doesn't really look like someone who can handle all the gear on display, well, that's just because you're only using your regular eyes to look at her. She doesn't mind. Being underestimated can be handy, sometimes.]

[Of course, being tiny does have its drawbacks. Things like reaching the top shelf in your own shop become rather more... interesting. Especially when your assistant - your much, much taller assistant - is on vacation.]