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WHO: Dirge and Bridge
WHERE: The small stage at the park
WHEN: Late fall

[There's a small concert going on in the park today. Though there's a few musical people around, it's none of them; today it's a young woman dressed in purples and blues, singing in front of a standing microphone. Behind her on stage is a band with wide-brimmed hats covering their faces, concentrating on playing their instruments and doing little else.

The woman is obviously the star of the show, enjoying what she's doing as she performs for citizens of Birchpointe gathered in front of her. She finishes her current song with a flourish of her hands and a wide grin, creating a ripple of applause in the crowd.

Smirking slightly, her shadowed eyes glanced up and off in one direction, seemingly at nothing in particular. Leaning a bit more toward the mike, she turned her attention on her patrons.]

I've come to the last song, but thank you for coming to see me~ ♥

[Her speaking voice is as sultry as her singing voice was, full of delight. Turning to the band she made a signal and they all nodded as one, hats bobbing. A song started up and she leaned toward her microphone, sliiiding her hands around it as she began singing.]

♪ Where have all the good men gone
♫ And where are all the gods?
♪ Where's the streetwise Hercules
♫ To fight the rising odds...

[She took her hands off the mike and slowly swept her hands out to the crowd, her eyes closed.]

♪ Isn't there a white knight
♫ Upon a fiery steed?
♪ Late at night, I toss and I turn
♫ And I dream of what I need

[She held her pose for just a moment, and then the music picked up tempo as her voice rose, and she started dancing from one foot to the other, helping keep the beat.]

♪ I need a hero!
♫ I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
♪ He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
♫ And he's gotta be fresh from the fight

[She bumped her hips, making the ruffled edges of her skirt flare out. Throwing her hands down, she locked eyes with someone in the front row and winked, and then sang to the crowd as a whole.]

♪ I need a hero!
♫ I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
♪ He's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon
♫ And he's gotta be larger than life
♪ Larger than life

[As she sang and the music continued, somewhere backing vocals joined her, presumably from somewhere in the band although none of them lifted their heads. In the crowd, all of them bobbed or clapped with the beat of the music, more in unison than you might think for so many gathered people.

No one seemed to be looking away either, as if they were beholden to watch...]
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[Performing at the park was Bridge's favorite way to sort through his thoughts or blow off some steam, especially lately when he wasn't able to do so at the mansion.

...Or rather, when he felt like he couldn't, thanks to the increasing awkwardness between him and the old duck that owned the place, due to a recent event that left him feeling rather...unsure of certain things.

Really, it shouldn't have been that big of a deal. But for some reason he couldn't stop feeling so bothered by it.

And since Scrooge was in the Birchpointe mansion currently, Bridge had come to the park to try to take his mind off things. Unfortunately it seemed someone had beaten him to it, as he found himself coming upon a crowd watching a performance up on the stage.

And as he approached and listened to the performer, his brow rose a bit in interest.]
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[After listening to her for a while, his eyes widened just a bit.

Because even though he wasn't affected, he recognized what she was doing. And it was the first time he had been on this end of it.]
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[Meanwhile, Bridge lingered for a while longer, watching the people as they headed off. He recognized the expressions on their faces, having been the cause of similar before. And he could still feel the magic in the air, even as it was beginning to fade.

Looking back at the stage, he watched as the band headed off behind her, disappearing behind the stage. And for a moment he wondered if he should just leave as well.]
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[Looking up at her, he managed an easy smile to mask the conflicting emotions.]

Yeah, actually. It was...impressive.
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[Slipping his hands into his pockets, he grinned a bit.]

Let's just say I'm pretty...familiar with your kind of style.
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[He nodded.]

Well, half. But yeah.
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Yeah, apparently I hide it pretty well. For a while, it didn't even look like I would exhibit any powers.

[He was still smiling, but it was a bit more subdued now.]

They came eventually, though.
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[He shrugged a bit.]

Haven't really been doing much of the hunting thing, lately.
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I wouldn't say that, really. I've just...been here for a while, and I try not to...perform too often in the same place. People might start wising up.
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Well yeah, I do know that. And I manage pretty well, for the most part. I just get worried that other people might start noticing after a while if they see the ones affected.
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[He hesitated at that, his expression hard to read.]

Well...most of what I know is all self-taught.
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[He didn't normally get into this with people, especially someone he's just met, but...he's also never met another siren before either.]

I grew up in a mostly human neighborhood. And the only siren I'd ever interacted with before was my mom, but she left before my powers developed.

So I've had to do all this stuff on my own.
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[Watching her for a moment, he then snorted.]

Sure, whatever.

[He did enough to get by, so he didn't care about how other sirens worked.

With a wave of his hand, he turned to leave, pulling his harmonica from his pocket and starting to play as he headed off.]
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[He snorted again, glancing over at her.]

Says the woman who was too sharp on that second verse.
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Yeah, must be real nice to have people enjoy how you sound only because you make them.

[That last comment does get a furrow of his brow though.

She didn't mean what he thought she meant, did she?]
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[Watching her for a moment, he then shrugged with a grin.]

Then it's a good thing you don't need to sound all that great.
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No thanks. Since I don't get the brainwashing, I'm not sure my ears can take it.
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[His eyes narrowed at that as he watched her.]

And what makes you think you'll get away with something like that?
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[He knew what she was trying to do, but he wouldn't rise to that. At least not as far as himself was concerned.]

Doesn't have to be a siren. There are people here stronger than you, in more ways than one. They won't be affected by your magic.
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[He frowned a bit.]

Just because you managed to manipulate one of them doesn't mean the others can't stop you. And with all the things that have been happening here lately, they will be on high alert.

Keep doing what you're doing, and they will track you down.
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[Frowning a bit, then he grinned.]

I keep up just fine, thanks. And I happen to know a high-ranking Sentinel personally.

[Not so personally, but she didn't need to know that.]

So be careful what you do, or I'll have to make a call.