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Conan Wiley ([personal profile] heartbeatingwings) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall 2017-01-10 09:42 am (UTC)

[As soon as Conan felt something that was in the air. His eyes widen, he held his breath knowing what does magic was. His heart thumped as he heard the screams of fright. Remembering what happened back home to the humans. As he flew quickly over the heads of people through the fog. He flew up and up to see his father creating the dark mist.

Quickly Conan tried to blast his father with a light energy beam. But it was grabbed. Dysmas turned his glaring directing right into Conan's eyes. The look alone, made him flash back to the horrid events in his life, his girlfriend being forced to forget him to his wings being ripped by his father's hand. Then with a loud SLAM, Conan was forced down to the ground. Choking under his father's dark energy. Trying to snap out of it, but magic was powerful to hold him down to the ground. He couldn't move as some would run over him as he cried out in pain. His hand could only flicker from the dark power that was holding him down.

Tears came from his eyes as the fog covered where his father stood, before wincing them shut.]

Not again... Not again, not again!!

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