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Arthur Lee ([personal profile] hisheadintheclouds) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall 2017-01-10 09:50 am (UTC)

[It happened so fast. Arthur barely had time to react as he was lounging nearby Fluttershy's cottage. Then as he saw the clouds grow darker, he thought it was probably Trym having some fun. But no, there was a giant fog that seemed to be emerging, with a frightening aura. Then he began to hear the screams. The giant's eyes widen before quickly coming over. His heart racing as he tried to see through the fog.

Oh Arthur was scared, but he knew. That this was no time to run away. If he wanted to help others, if he wanted to become a Nephilim, he has to fight. Arthur took a breath as began to glow a white light as he sang the spell, as he tried to fight away the nightmares for everyone. Picking up anyone who collapsed as he held them and tried to heal them, He kneeled down among the streets as he created a light mist but it was far too small for the thick fog. His vision blurred as the fog seemed to seep into him. Trying to make him see wicked nightmares. Visions of his family's death, Jacob's laughter, blood and terror striked his mind as the white magic disappeared quickly under his gaze. He trembled as tried to fight it. Trying to sing louder and keep the white magic alive as tears began to run down his face as he cradled these poor souls, while he himself was fighting his own nightmares.]

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