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Aeslyn Blackrose ([personal profile] blackrose_born) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall 2017-01-10 11:38 am (UTC)


[A glowing, yellow, three-tailed fox-thing with a gem set in its forehead charges forward, putting itself between Conan and the source of the magic pinning him to the ground. Once in position, it sets itself in a four-legged stance of defiance, baring its teeth at the figure in the distance - and forms a shield around the immediate area, into which that sickening, twisting fog cannot enter.]

[The apparent source of the cry (presumably the creature's name) enters that shield without so much as a ripple, and... she's tiny. Three feet tall tiny, dressed in robes that make her look like a little kid out for Halloween - she even has the fake pointy ears. She's not even holding a weapon, for Christ's sake, just carrying an old book. Someone should probably get her out of there, before that shield goes down.]

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