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Conan Wiley ([personal profile] heartbeatingwings) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall 2017-01-11 06:18 am (UTC)

[Hearing the sounds of someone coming by, Conan's eyes widen as he turned to the source. Seeing the fox shield him as he took a breath in surprise. Then twisted his head as he saw a small girl, but no she mustn't be a kid. Especially for such power as the shield cut off the dark magic that held him down.

Conan flew up as shook his head to try and get his senses together, trying to ignore the tears he shed. Then noticing his dad giving a snarl at them as he prepared to strike. Conan held his hand as helped try and reinforce the shield with his own white magic. He looked back at her.]

Look thank you for your help but-

Y-You're in danger here, this isn't your fight, you gotta get outta here!

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