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The Black Fog

WHO: Dysmas and everyone involved with the 'Nightmare Fog'
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: Twilight
WARNINGS: Worst Nightmares, Violence, and Trauma




This is what every single individual alive had in this world. It is what starts hate, violence, wars. Some believe that is the key to conquer. To become victorious you must bring out the worse for those who think they are above it. That is of course what the fairy of Tamatobriga, a Celtic region of the world which known within their forest lies the dark fairies, and their leader, King Dysmas believed to be so true.

As the light from the city faded more and more, the clouds capturing the sunlight. And so did the shadows travel down from the streets to the top of skyscrapers. Then from the shadows emerged King Dysmas who only lifted a foot onto the pavement of a roof on the tallest building in town. His intricate coat and long translucent wings that only magically seemed to glitter although light was bare. One could only fear the power he held.

Dysmas lifted his hand toward the ground as the shadows grew bigger and darker as they seem to now start to fully submerge the city. Thick clouds transpire from the depths as it quickly took over through the city streets. Individuals walking through the fog felt a deep sense of dread strike them, the dark magic creeping to engulf their mind and take over their sense of rational thought as it would bring out their worst fears and horrific illusions of nightmares. Deadly screams of terror could be heard as those effected by the fog would collapse or run in terror from their visions. Some causing anger as they acted out in violence.

Giving a wicked smile, Dysmas watched the city go into chaotic terror under his illusion. Knowing how worse it will be for the humans and demons who lived here now. To live in fright after all can bring out the wicked. And the damage this will bring for weeks to come is only the more delicious for when they turn into the Caligino.]

Fair is foul, and foul is fair… Hover through the fog and filthy air…
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[Arthur just finished rescuing a couple of people as he crawled back to where Fluttershy was. She could see a pair of red eyes briefly as gripped the edges of the building breathing heavily, unaware that the damage of what the dark fog has down. Trying to focus off his diminishing light.]
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[Finally finding him, she gasped and flew over to him.]

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[Recognizing Fluttershy's voice the red light in his eyes disappeared as his voice cracked. Trying to rub his head, trying to make the visions stop as he breathed carefully.]


Fluttershy are you alright-?
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[She nodded, taking in a breath as she looked at him.]

Y-Yes, I'm all right...What about you?
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[Arthur held out his palm for her, shadows under his eyes from his struggle.]

Th-This fog, there's some kind of darkness in it. I-I can barely keep m-my light glowing.

I-I keep seeing nightmares, e-everyone is so much worse, I got them o-out but-I need to do more, I-I can let the darkness hurt anyone else!
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O-Oh Arthur...I-I know you want to help...but maybe we should get you out of here...
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[Arthur shook his head.]

B-But I have to fight this, I have to make my heart get better. Th-These are nightmares I deal with this every day for others!

How can I become a Nephilim if I can't fight the darkness like this?

[He placed her back down as he crawled forward.]

I have to go on! I-I'll, I need to focus on positive energy!

E-Everything is going to be alright, I can handle this! I can save people this time!
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B-But, Arthur...! You can't keep going like this...! You're going to burn yourself out...!
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[Arthur shook his head as held onto one of the buildings.]


[His eyes flickered, that shade of red returned briefly.]

I-I'm fine... I just need... To think, good thoughts...
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[She sucked in a breath at the flash of red.]

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I'm fine.

[Arthur froze as he realized the tone he took to Fluttershy. His expression dropping from frustration to a more sadden one.]

I mean I... Sorry... I... M-Maybe I should go... I-I just don't know wh-where I-With people who need help here I-I... I don't want to be helpless.
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[She took in a breath at his sharp tone, so unlike the gentle giant he knew. But when his voice softened, she frowned, flying up and placing a gentle hand to his cheek.]

It's okay...I know you want to help, still have to take care of yourself too. Okay?
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[Arthur reached as his hand gently caressed her back as she touched his cheek.]

B-But... Fluttershy, what if you need help too?
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[She managed a small smile.]

I'll be okay...If it gets to be too much, I'll head home too, all right...?
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[Arthur tiredly lifted her up to his cheek as he softly snuggled against her.]

I'll wait for you return at the cottage... Okay?
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[She nodded, returning the snuggle.]

All right...I'll see you soon.
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[Shakily he let go before gazing down. A look of pure hesitation in his eyes. He looked scared to leave her alone.]

... P... Promise?
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[She nodded.]

I promise.
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[Arthur gave a weak smile before kneeling down and kissing the top of her head. Then slowly bowed his head before leaving her. His sense of dread still residing within him as he guided himself out of the fog back to the cottage.]