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The Black Fog

WHO: Dysmas and everyone involved with the 'Nightmare Fog'
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: Twilight
WARNINGS: Worst Nightmares, Violence, and Trauma




This is what every single individual alive had in this world. It is what starts hate, violence, wars. Some believe that is the key to conquer. To become victorious you must bring out the worse for those who think they are above it. That is of course what the fairy of Tamatobriga, a Celtic region of the world which known within their forest lies the dark fairies, and their leader, King Dysmas believed to be so true.

As the light from the city faded more and more, the clouds capturing the sunlight. And so did the shadows travel down from the streets to the top of skyscrapers. Then from the shadows emerged King Dysmas who only lifted a foot onto the pavement of a roof on the tallest building in town. His intricate coat and long translucent wings that only magically seemed to glitter although light was bare. One could only fear the power he held.

Dysmas lifted his hand toward the ground as the shadows grew bigger and darker as they seem to now start to fully submerge the city. Thick clouds transpire from the depths as it quickly took over through the city streets. Individuals walking through the fog felt a deep sense of dread strike them, the dark magic creeping to engulf their mind and take over their sense of rational thought as it would bring out their worst fears and horrific illusions of nightmares. Deadly screams of terror could be heard as those effected by the fog would collapse or run in terror from their visions. Some causing anger as they acted out in violence.

Giving a wicked smile, Dysmas watched the city go into chaotic terror under his illusion. Knowing how worse it will be for the humans and demons who lived here now. To live in fright after all can bring out the wicked. And the damage this will bring for weeks to come is only the more delicious for when they turn into the Caligino.]

Fair is foul, and foul is fair… Hover through the fog and filthy air…
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[The kid sniffed as she ran toward them and clung to Ruby. Holding her arms out to hug her before carrying her, looking to Yang.]

Let's find this kid's parents...

I hope they're not trapped in this fog too.
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[Yang sticks close-by, giving as warm a smile as she can manage for the child. She'd offer to carry them so that Ruby's hands are free but it seems like the child has sorta latched onto her for now.]

If they're out here, we'll find 'em.

[She takes up a protective position next to her sister and the child as they start out again. The persistent dread is still there, but it's easier to push it aside with both her sister and a small child to look out for, even if only a little.

She sends the kid another smile, inquiring softly.]

What do your parents look like?
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[The kid rubbed her eyes as she sniffed. "Daddy has brown eyes, tall a-and blonde... a-and mommy has red hair, shes wearing a real pretty dress. A-Are you sure we can find them, what if the monsters go them?"]

Don't worry, we'll find them. Even in this darkness that's just as thick as chocolate!

[Ruby turned to Yang with a weak smile.]

Won't we?
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[Yang offers a grin in return that doesn't quite reach her eyes.]


[She glances around. Times like these, she kinda wished she could get her glowing hair trick to work on command instead of just when she was mad.]

Besides, they're probably looking for you right now.