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The Black Fog

WHO: Dysmas and everyone involved with the 'Nightmare Fog'
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: Twilight
WARNINGS: Worst Nightmares, Violence, and Trauma




This is what every single individual alive had in this world. It is what starts hate, violence, wars. Some believe that is the key to conquer. To become victorious you must bring out the worse for those who think they are above it. That is of course what the fairy of Tamatobriga, a Celtic region of the world which known within their forest lies the dark fairies, and their leader, King Dysmas believed to be so true.

As the light from the city faded more and more, the clouds capturing the sunlight. And so did the shadows travel down from the streets to the top of skyscrapers. Then from the shadows emerged King Dysmas who only lifted a foot onto the pavement of a roof on the tallest building in town. His intricate coat and long translucent wings that only magically seemed to glitter although light was bare. One could only fear the power he held.

Dysmas lifted his hand toward the ground as the shadows grew bigger and darker as they seem to now start to fully submerge the city. Thick clouds transpire from the depths as it quickly took over through the city streets. Individuals walking through the fog felt a deep sense of dread strike them, the dark magic creeping to engulf their mind and take over their sense of rational thought as it would bring out their worst fears and horrific illusions of nightmares. Deadly screams of terror could be heard as those effected by the fog would collapse or run in terror from their visions. Some causing anger as they acted out in violence.

Giving a wicked smile, Dysmas watched the city go into chaotic terror under his illusion. Knowing how worse it will be for the humans and demons who lived here now. To live in fright after all can bring out the wicked. And the damage this will bring for weeks to come is only the more delicious for when they turn into the Caligino.]

Fair is foul, and foul is fair… Hover through the fog and filthy air…
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[As soon as Conan felt something that was in the air. His eyes widen, he held his breath knowing what does magic was. His heart thumped as he heard the screams of fright. Remembering what happened back home to the humans. As he flew quickly over the heads of people through the fog. He flew up and up to see his father creating the dark mist.

Quickly Conan tried to blast his father with a light energy beam. But it was grabbed. Dysmas turned his glaring directing right into Conan's eyes. The look alone, made him flash back to the horrid events in his life, his girlfriend being forced to forget him to his wings being ripped by his father's hand. Then with a loud SLAM, Conan was forced down to the ground. Choking under his father's dark energy. Trying to snap out of it, but magic was powerful to hold him down to the ground. He couldn't move as some would run over him as he cried out in pain. His hand could only flicker from the dark power that was holding him down.

Tears came from his eyes as the fog covered where his father stood, before wincing them shut.]

Not again... Not again, not again!!
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[It happened so fast. Arthur barely had time to react as he was lounging nearby Fluttershy's cottage. Then as he saw the clouds grow darker, he thought it was probably Trym having some fun. But no, there was a giant fog that seemed to be emerging, with a frightening aura. Then he began to hear the screams. The giant's eyes widen before quickly coming over. His heart racing as he tried to see through the fog.

Oh Arthur was scared, but he knew. That this was no time to run away. If he wanted to help others, if he wanted to become a Nephilim, he has to fight. Arthur took a breath as began to glow a white light as he sang the spell, as he tried to fight away the nightmares for everyone. Picking up anyone who collapsed as he held them and tried to heal them, He kneeled down among the streets as he created a light mist but it was far too small for the thick fog. His vision blurred as the fog seemed to seep into him. Trying to make him see wicked nightmares. Visions of his family's death, Jacob's laughter, blood and terror striked his mind as the white magic disappeared quickly under his gaze. He trembled as tried to fight it. Trying to sing louder and keep the white magic alive as tears began to run down his face as he cradled these poor souls, while he himself was fighting his own nightmares.]
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[Mickey was one of the first to see the fog. What a perfect thing to come into the town and see. He bit his lip as he summoned his keyblade. Knowing he had to try and get as many people out of that dark mist before something bad happens. He had a feeling that something wicked was in charge, he ran out right away to try and rescue anyone caught up in the fog.]


[He cried out as he rode on his magic beam to fly into the city.]
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[Giving a gasp as Ruby so a thick fog covering the city. Hearing screams she knew that dark magic was at play again. She clutched her scythe close to her before swallowing the lump in her throat. With a determined breath she ran forward. No way was she gonna let anyone get caught in this mess!!]
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[Fluttershy had seen the darkness looming over the town, and the cries echoed all the way out to her cottage. She quickly followed Arthur into town, worried for the people in Birchpointe, but had gotten separated from him in the thick fog, unable to see even the giant through it.

Even as she looked for him, though, she did her best to help those she did come across in the streets; anyone who was injured or scared. It didn't seem like there was much she could, but she certainly had to try.]
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[Donald had just been spending some time with his family back home in Duckburg when he'd received a call from Mickey about a distressing occurrence in Birchpointe. And hearing the worry in his friend's voice, and he knew this was far from a social call.

It was time once again.

So, as much as he hated to cut the time short, he left Duckburg and made his way to Birchpointe as quickly as he could, using his own magic to help dispel the darkness, helping those who might need it while searching for Mickey.]
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[Tomochi wasn't used to being alone. He and Trico were out playing in the park when the fog rolled in, so thick that even the great beast that was the boy's companion disappeared into it. He shivered slightly and pattered his feet anxiously as he tried to find Trico again - or anybody, really, it was eerily silent but he swore he could feel unseen eyes watching him.

Then finally he saw silhouettes in the distance. He almost ran to them, but the unsettled feeling only grew stronger at the sight of them, justified as they got closer. Their size and shape, the armor he could make out as they got closer...he recognized it. One of the figures gestured, and suddenly the markings on Tomochi's arms blazed with light, just as they did in the ruins, the same magic that made his mind and body numb and left him at their mercy. He could already feel the sedative magic clawing at his mind, but he had to fight it while he could. He had to run.

He forced his feet to move, turning and sprinting the other way and crying out in a panic.]


[But he didn't get far before he staggered back. More soldiers were closing in from the other direction. He was surrounded.]
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[Toriel could sense the dark magic in the billowing fog well before it came close. She stood at the edge of Sunflower Village watching it, her fur standing up as if electricity was running through it. She was hurrying along the few children who had come running for shelter, and the last of them crossed the threshold of the light barrier just ahead of the clouds, which couldn't penetrate the shield no matter how it tried. The darkness surrounded them as close as it could reach, and a few of the children screamed or cried in fear. Toriel held them close to her in comfort, then a twinge of doubt nagged at her mind...something was wrong. She looked over the huddle of worried faces, making a headcount, and her eyes went wide.

A child was missing.

Her child.

Her head snapped up to look out to the fog outside. She knew she shouldn't have let them go out alone. She knew something would go wrong if she let them out of her sight. They could be anywhere in the city by now.

Without even considering a plan, she stood, addressing her charges.]

Children, I want all of you to get inside. Stay with a grown-up.

[And then she turned and ran out of the gates of the village, disappearing into the fog, nearly overtaken instantly.]

Frisk! Frisk, my child, can you hear me?