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WHO: Everyone turned into the caligino by the fog and those bringing back the light to them
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: All day and night
WARNINGS: Body Horror, Depression, Violence

[Weeks had past since the fog. Man and demon, homes, effected by these shadows started to feel off. Darker than usual, the nightmares did not stop. Replaced with a dream? It would come back the very next day. Haunt the minds of these victims. Some tried to keep it to themselves, but even the closest would know they were not acting like themselves.

Today was when that final will of light would expire. A dreaded darkness would take over the mind, consume the soul. It was this day that those who did not take care, would turn into the caligino, monsters with their former memories the same but driven by darkness and rage.]
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WHO: Dysmas and everyone involved with the 'Nightmare Fog'
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: Twilight
WARNINGS: Worst Nightmares, Violence, and Trauma

With this rampant chaos - your reality... )
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[So many interruptions, so little time. It seems that this little "parade" staged by the Order of Albion was simply destined to fail. But there was just one more obstacle remaining the harrowed guards and demons marching through Birchpointe's streets. After agents had done battle with powerful warriors, thunderbirds, soul-users, high class raptors, and even Chaotics, an ominous swirl of energy appears in their path.

The size of perhaps an apple at first, black smoke billows out from the spiral of blue clouds as it grows. Soon it's as big as a car, then a bus, a train, then it's as big as the entire street. The smoke falls to the ground, unaffected by the wind or anything else, pouring out still and flowing around the feet and ankles of all in attendance, from guards to prisoners to bystanders.

A single figure emerges from the portal, wreathed in glowing white light. After taking a moment to survey the scene, he scowls. The glow fades, revealing a demon with bright white hair, pointed ears, and bright, ice blue eyes, with tattoos against his jawbones like streaks of blood. When he opens his mouth to speak, his voice echoes through the streets, as if coming from the very smoke that has pervaded them.]

This travesty of humankind is over.Read more... )
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It's a bright and unassuming morning in the city of Birchpointe. Everything is as it should be, with the city goers going and life continuing as it should...but some will find a large deal of traffic on their way to work. There were no announcements to such a thing and no possible forewarning to the sight that many are forced to watch. Chains rattle through the streets as various individuals, demons of all kinds, a few "mythical creatures" and even a giant, forced to walk through the streets of Birchpointe with little besides the chains that suppress their inhuman abilities. Many hang their heads in shame, averting eyes that offer them pity or show disgust, whether at the creatures themselves or the task before them. The giant in particular is forced to a wheeled, metallic bed which a group of demons are forced to pull.

There are one or two who have to be forced back into formation, one or two who are kicked or threatened should they continue their disobedience. Masked individuals with guns keep them in line; dotting them are individuals who seem above the others. Some hide their faces, some don't. Many of the prisoners cower in their sight and return to their demonstration of shame. This parade continues down a predictable path: one road that travels directly across the city, one end to the other. Whether freedom awaits them or a fate even worse than this remains to be seen.


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