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Conan Wiley ([personal profile] heartbeatingwings) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall2016-04-01 02:14 am
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April Fools Day!

WHO: Conan Wiley and to any and all victims of his pranks
WHERE: Within the city of Birchpointe
WHEN: Early Afternoon
WARNINGS: Humiliation, Silly Pranks

[Along the streets of Birchepoint there was a certain air of mischief about. For today was April Fools Day, and what better day for that, than for a sprite. Conan smirked as he decorated the town in his little pranks. Seeing what fools he can make out of these locals.

But of course, Conan wasn't nasty in his pranks, in fact for the most part they were down right silly.

The buildings and other fixtures seems to have been placed with plastic googly eyes. He glued the bunch of them with ease with his magic. Marking specifically those with windows and lights, to make it look like it had an actually silly cartoon face on these inanimate objects.

Oh but next he found even more fun to spread. Along the side walks did he platter a row of banana peels. Particularly he decorated the business buildings, so either the rich and powerful people can slip and fall over on their butts for him to laugh at.

Then came the final little straw, he landed on one the lamps with a snicker. Cracking his fingers as he then spread his hands out. Making clouds form just above, and it just so happened to be snowing! But behold, it wasn't snow at all!

It was sugar! He made a manical laugh at his fun as he spread his little chaos of pranks. Waiting with a grin on top to watch any citizen to fall to his little traps. Oh what fools these mortals be!]

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