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WHO: Non, Hokkai, and whoever dares enter the store
WHERE: The magical sex shop, The Midnight Crucible
WHEN: Afternoon / Evening
WARNINGS: It's a magic sex shop. Kinks abound.

With as many incubi and succubi running around as there are, a place like this is a must-have. )
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WHO: Everyone turned into the caligino by the fog and those bringing back the light to them
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: All day and night
WARNINGS: Body Horror, Depression, Violence

[Weeks had past since the fog. Man and demon, homes, effected by these shadows started to feel off. Darker than usual, the nightmares did not stop. Replaced with a dream? It would come back the very next day. Haunt the minds of these victims. Some tried to keep it to themselves, but even the closest would know they were not acting like themselves.

Today was when that final will of light would expire. A dreaded darkness would take over the mind, consume the soul. It was this day that those who did not take care, would turn into the caligino, monsters with their former memories the same but driven by darkness and rage.]
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WHO: Dysmas and everyone involved with the 'Nightmare Fog'
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: Twilight
WARNINGS: Worst Nightmares, Violence, and Trauma

With this rampant chaos - your reality... )
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WHO: Big Bird and anyone who happen to be passing by
WHERE: Sunflower Village
WHEN: Late afternoon
WARNINGS: Bird Bird hurt his knee :<

[It was a bright day, although a bit chilly in the Sunflower Village side of Birchpointe, and the kids just got out of school to play. One of the kids, Big Bird, decided to go out rollerskating on his new blades. With a cute little scarf around him and a pair of gloves to stay warm. When he caught sight of a bird in a tree tweeting away. He came to a pause.]

Oh! Hello Mr. Sparrow!

What's that? Oh you're only here for a little bit? You have to fly south for the winter? No please, can't you stay for a little while? There's not many birds here my age who can play and-Oh...

Oh I see, well, maybe we can do a quick game of tick tak toe?

[And the bird was off. Big Bird gave a little gasp as he rolled around trying to catch up with him.]

No wait-! Please don't go I-WAAKK!

[And Big Bird didn't watch where he was going as he tripped and fell over a bunch of garbage cans making a loud crash. Making a soft pained noise as he held his knee beginning to sniff and cry a bit.]

M-My knee, oooooh...
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WHO: Dirge and Bridge
WHERE: The small stage at the park
WHEN: Late fall

[There's a small concert going on in the park today. Though there's a few musical people around, it's none of them; today it's a young woman dressed in purples and blues, singing in front of a standing microphone. Behind her on stage is a band with wide-brimmed hats covering their faces, concentrating on playing their instruments and doing little else.

The woman is obviously the star of the show, enjoying what she's doing as she performs for citizens of Birchpointe gathered in front of her. She finishes her current song with a flourish of her hands and a wide grin, creating a ripple of applause in the crowd.

Smirking slightly, her shadowed eyes glanced up and off in one direction, seemingly at nothing in particular. Leaning a bit more toward the mike, she turned her attention on her patrons.]

I've come to the last song, but thank you for coming to see me~ ♥

[Her speaking voice is as sultry as her singing voice was, full of delight. Turning to the band she made a signal and they all nodded as one, hats bobbing. A song started up and she leaned toward her microphone, sliiiding her hands around it as she began singing.]

♪ Where have all the good men gone
♫ And where are all the gods?
♪ Where's the streetwise Hercules
♫ To fight the rising odds...

[She took her hands off the mike and slowly swept her hands out to the crowd, her eyes closed.]

♪ Isn't there a white knight
♫ Upon a fiery steed?
♪ Late at night, I toss and I turn
♫ And I dream of what I need

[She held her pose for just a moment, and then the music picked up tempo as her voice rose, and she started dancing from one foot to the other, helping keep the beat.]

♪ I need a hero!
♫ I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
♪ He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
♫ And he's gotta be fresh from the fight

[She bumped her hips, making the ruffled edges of her skirt flare out. Throwing her hands down, she locked eyes with someone in the front row and winked, and then sang to the crowd as a whole.]

♪ I need a hero!
♫ I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
♪ He's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon
♫ And he's gotta be larger than life
♪ Larger than life

[As she sang and the music continued, somewhere backing vocals joined her, presumably from somewhere in the band although none of them lifted their heads. In the crowd, all of them bobbed or clapped with the beat of the music, more in unison than you might think for so many gathered people.

No one seemed to be looking away either, as if they were beholden to watch...]
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WHO: Carys, Daniel, Sena and Benny
WHERE: Skyward, a super fancy restaurant
WHEN: Mid-Autumn
WARNINGS: Sentinel dorks, pinching Daniel's cheeks, ~actual talking~

Recent events have reminded the senior Sentinel that she still has quite a few winnings from the Rebuild Birchpointe Marathon, namely her gift certificate to Schnee Corp's magitek library and a VIP dinner for up to 4 people at one of Birchpointe's ritziest restaurants. Considering the second is much more intended to be shared with others, Carys decided to invite Daniel and let him bring and two friends he wanted. The meal's on Schnee Corp, so she wasn't too concerned with money. Behavior of the group...well, that depends on the company. She'll at least try to keep things form getting too rowdy. It's a really nice place, after all, and she'd love to go there again sometime...

But for now, she's gonna give Daniel and his friends the chance to have their first visit to the restaurant. Carys is all dressed up and waiting outside the place for Daniel and his fellow junior Sentinels...
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WHO: YOU! And.... a duck?
WHERE: Main Street for the most part, but other parts of Birchpointe
WHEN: Mid-autumn
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Either's fine!

[In a city populated by all manner of being both two-legged and four-legged, winged or horned, furred or scaled, or none of the above, you couldn't exactly say a frocked duck walking (waddling?) down the sidewalk was an out of place sight. Even if he carried a cane despite having quite the spring to his step.

It was an unusual sight though, not because of WHAT he is, but WHO he is. If you were familiar with that sort of thing, at least; most probably knew his name but not his face, unless you were all over the business magazines. And if you were you might be wondering what he is doing here (certainly some people were, judging by the turning heads every now and then to watch him go by).

But it's just as likely all you'd see is a dapper duck going down the sidewalk, spinning his cane on his elbow and humming some tune underneath his breath, looking around with the air of a tourist taking in fresh, bright, NEW sights. About the only notable thing he does at this point is stop at a line of newspaper machines, leaning on his cane quite jovially to read the headlines plastered across several of them.]




[And so on. He rocks back and forth on his feet as he studies the papers, chuckling a little under his breath, oh how the media can dramatize things. Then, after a bit of thought, he digs into his coat and comes up with- whoa. That wallet's gotta be fatter than your everyday mall Santa. The duck pages through it, then closes it and looks around him. His eyes positively light up when he spots a discarded coin on the sidewalk nearby and he walks over to it, while tucking the wallet away.

The coin is retrieved, blown on, rubbed on his sleeve, and then stuck into the machine. Retrieving the paper he flipped it open and continued off down the sidewalk, keeping his cane resting over one elbow.

The rest of his day is spent browsing Birchpointe much as he had the paper, taking in sights like the elaborate fountain in the park, the restaurant district, the warehouses and docks, and all around anywhere that wasn't a private neighborhood. Whatever he's doing, he at least seems to like what he's seeing, a satisfied smile almost never leaving his face.

Yes. This will do indeed.]
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WHO: Aeslyn and whoever happens to come by her shop
WHERE: 'Convenience store'
WHEN: Late summer/early autumn
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Either is fine
WARNINGS: Unintentional cute?

[What actually qualifies as a convenience store in a city where there are vicious wild creatures, weapons that turn into other weapons, people who don't need weapons to fight the aforementioned creatures, and a general overpopulation of assholes?]

[Why, a one-stop weapons and armor shop, that's what! This one in particular has a very nice selection of gear, ranging from the mundane to the obviously enchanted, with a whole lot of side-paths in between. And if the proprietor doesn't really look like someone who can handle all the gear on display, well, that's just because you're only using your regular eyes to look at her. She doesn't mind. Being underestimated can be handy, sometimes.]

[Of course, being tiny does have its drawbacks. Things like reaching the top shelf in your own shop become rather more... interesting. Especially when your assistant - your much, much taller assistant - is on vacation.]
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WHO: Undyne and YOU
WHERE: outside an apartment complex
WHEN: late at night

It'd been a while since Undyne had a night this bad. Couldn't get comfortable, too many weird noises, Alphys kept kicking her, and on top of all that, nightmares. She couldn't remember the last time she had those...it'd been so long ago she claimed she was over it, save for excitedly telling the story of how she lost her eye.

Finally at almost four in the morning, she couldn't stand it anymore. Careful not to disturb Alphys, she slid out of bed and quickly found a pair of shorts on the floor before slinking out. Maybe a run through the neighborhood would calm her nerves.
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WHO: Anyone
WHERE: J's Random Cafe (no, really, that's the name of the place)
WHEN: ICly mid to late July
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Either is fine
WARNINGS: Moody vampire?

[It's been a couple months since the insanity of humans turning into chaotics started, and Soma, frankly, has had about enough. Unfortunately, since he's been able to find approximately zero leads, this pretty much means he's frustrated to the point of dropping the whole subject.]

[It's for this reason that he's returned his attention to Steel Thorn, and their forces still in the city. It's become increasingly apparent to him that a force that large couldn't just appear out of nowhere - at least part of them had to have been local.]

[...Unfortunately he has almost as little information about Steel Thorn as he does about the chaotics, which means he's currently sulking in a cafe in downtown Birchpointe, not really paying the cup of tea he's ordered a whole lot of attention, not really reading a newspaper, not really watching his surroundings - in short, he's unfocused and inattentive. If you wanted to try a potshot, or try to start a conversation, this is probably a good time for it.]
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WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: Down the main avenue of Birchpointe
WHEN: ICly June 19th, OOCly June 19th-23rd
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Whichever you like!
WARNINGS: Certain kitsune cheaters

[Ever since the Chaotic raid, Birchpointe has been doing its best to rebuild. Things had been going well enough, but it couldn't hurt to have a little push every now and then, right?

Enter the Rebuild Birchpointe Marathon! Announced in early spring and set in midsummer, it was a charity event where citizens could come out, have a good time, and enter into the race- for a fee, of course. Proceeds would go toward different charities aimed toward unity and regrowth.

Along with many private vendors registering to have booths at the event, several main companies have thrown in their time, promotion, and donations as well. These companies are where the prizes are coming from, which are as follows:

First Place: $1000 gift certificate to Schnee Corp.'s extensive magitek library; a free VIP dinner for 2-4 at Skyward, an expensive restaurant in town; and a piece of Alterware, a new clothing line from a recent company that, among other things, can shapeshift and repair itself.

Second Place: $750 Schnee Corp. gift certificate; two movie tickets to the film of your choice at PopCon Cinemas; and six month's free muffins from Panda Pastries.

Third Place: $500 Schnee Corp. gift certificate; free total car tuneup service at For Wheels; and a pair of "METTA by NB" upscale headphones.

Participation: All runners, regardless of final placement, will receive a $50 Schnee Corp. gift certificate.

Race day arrives, and the route is closed off to let runners and spectators gather. It runs all the way through the city, a perfect 26 miles, 385 yards of official runspace. Booths can be set up anywhere along the route so long as it's off the actual road (save for at the very beginning and the very end), and water stations manned by volunteers are at intervals for anyone who needs a refuel or a break. Medical staff are also on hand just in case, but with protection laid out and actively patrolling the route, hopefully the worst thing seen will be a skinned knee or two.

So, it's time to run, Birchpointe! Cheer on your friends, donate to the cause, and in general have fun!]

((OOC: This race will run from June 19-23 OOCly, but only a single day ICly of course. Every day will see a new posting of randomly rolled placings with its own top-level. You can reply to that with your characters to explain how they got there, interact with anyone around them, or whatever you like; spectators and medics/water-givers can also reply to these with either observations, rooting for your friends, or helping someone in need.

Placements are up to interpretation! This is because there's actually as many participating in a marathon as you might expect, not just our 20 runners. So you can say if there's a bunch of NPCs in between you and the place listed above/below you, if you're in a cluster of named characters in the middle, the last of the named or dead last of the entire race. It's up to you! Just keep in mind that there ARE more racers around, and feel free to work that into your tags however you want.

The final day will see two postings, one early on and one at the end: the final stretch and the finish line, and all three placings will be taken by named characters and not NPCs it's just no fun otherwise, obviously. After that will be an acceptance for the top three winners where they can be congratulated.

You're also MORE than welcome to create your own top-levels, tag around to where you see fit, and just in general enjoy the event! If you have any questions at ANY point, contact me at [plurk.com profile] zumidotexe or under this heading on the marathon's plotting post.))
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WHO: Atawhai and Ran
WHERE: The streets of Birchpointe
WHEN: Afternoon
WARNINGS: Gaaaaaay possibility for later warnings

It wasn't uncommon anymore to find Atawhai and Ran together. They were very much together at this point, and they didn't really care who knew about it. At least, Atawhai had always been incredibly open about it, excited to talk to anyone who would listen about Ran. He wasn't obnoxious about it, he just...loved him, a lot. And he wanted him to know as much.

Today they're walking together down the street away from the busier parts of town as they head for a cafe they'd been planning on having lunch together at. Atawhai managed to sneak his hand into Ran's a while ago, and now he's swinging their arms as they walk, whiskers twitching as he flashes him a broad, toothy smile.

"It sure is getting hot out, isn't it? Makes me wish I could get away with wearing less. Maybe I should get a hair cut..."
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WHO: Caidan and others
WHERE: One of Birchpointe's many lakeshores
WHEN: Dusk leading into nighttime
PROSE OR BRACKETS: do yo own thang but imma use brackets
WARNINGS: idk I don't know anything about this guy

[A young man with stark white hair is sitting on a small hill overlooking the lakeshore. He could run and jump in if he wanted to, but he seems so casual and comfortable where he is, with one leg bent and the other outstretched. An arm resting over his bent sways gently to and fro, and his eyes are cast toward the sky.

If you follow his gaze, you might find your breath taken away. The stars above the lake are moving, almost dancing. Their reflections in the water make the dance even more intricate, the small waves and ripples scattering the starlights every which way, adding its own rhythms to the jig.]
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WHO: Toriel and YOU
WHERE: Sunflower Village
WHEN: early morning
WARNINGS: 2cute5me

[There was a place in Birchpointe, not far from the local bar and safehaven that was the Ambrosia Nectar, called Sunflower Village. It was a small, unassuming town, save for the disproportionate population of children who lived there. Whether they grew up there or came seeking sanctuary, Sunflower Village was a place of safety and innocence for children, accompanied by their parents and the local appointed teachers and guardians.

One of those guardians was a motherly, middle-aged goat-woman. The paperwork would call her Ms. Dreemurr, but she insisted on just being called by her first name; Toriel. Toriel was a teacher at the village's school, and loved all the little residents as if they were her own children. Nobody really knew how she came to live in Sunflower Village, but very few asked, because the question would make her smile turn sad before she changed the subject. But what was known was that she was caring, warm, and had a sunny sense of humor.

This morning, Toriel was standing outside the schoolhouse, waiting for her students with a smile, adjusting her reading glasses in the sunlight.]
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Jack Moon was not a common person to see in the more urban areas of Birchpointe - he lived on a farm on the outskirts of the city and almost never left it except for the occasional supply run. Today was one of those rare days - he was just on his way back from the hardware store, stopping briefly in a small grocery store to drop of some produce.

Before he climbed back into the saddle however - and he was no doubt attracting some attention traveling to town on horseback - he paused and noticed the flower box in the window of the store. In particular, one tall sunflower that stood out from the others, especially as it was drooping and not nearly as flourished as some of the other flowers in the box. Jack frowned, coming over to the window and investigating.

Then he did something very odd. With a quick glance around to see that nobody was watching, he took one dirt-caked work glove off of his hand and reached out to the sunflower, gently resting his finger under it. Then with a soft, seemingly reassuring smile, he gently lifted his finger, tickling the flower under the 'chin,' and there was a soft aura around his hand as the flower responded, perking up and blooming brighter than it had been until it was as tall and healthy as it could be.

"That's better," he said with a smile, "You're just a little tired because it's been so cloudy, aren't you. Don't worry, the skies will clear up soon!"

The flowers swayed gently though there wasn't a breeze - it was almost as if they were responding to him. But that was just silly, they couldn't really hear him...could they?
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WHO: Nico
WHERE: Around Birchpointe
WHEN: Last week of May
WARNINGS: None at the moment!

[Well, things are getting tense, aren't they? Crazy Chaotic attacks, rumors of high-ranking Sentinels, terrifying transformations with no explanation. People were worried that tourist revenue for the summer would suffer.

Everyone's worried. Not Nico, though. Or if she is she isn't showing it as she strolls through the town, hands in pocket, pack on back, some kind of jerky in her mouth as she walks. Sometimes she's on her phone, texting. Sometimes she sits in a particular cafe, drinking shakes and reading.

Of course, anyone who asks if they've seen her somewhere gets a firm denial. She shows her ID card and it easily suffices. So, she's used to random people coming up to her to talk.

Hey. Why not? She does it all the time after all.]
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WHO: Ember and whoever would like to try talking with her
WHERE: Birchpointe; an open area in the outskirts between the city and the woods
WHEN: Midday
OPEN/CLOSED: Part A is opened; part B is closed
PROSE OR BRACKETS: Will start with brackets, but can match replies
WARNINGS: Maybe some aloofness and/or awkwardness?

[Despite the sky being overcast, it was a rather warm day in Birchpointe. The dry kind of warm where the air seemed charged with electricity, and the heat seemed to simmer anywhere it was allowed to settle.

It was on this day that a girl slowly made her way around the city, taking her time as she aimlessly wandered. She didn't seem to have any particular destination in mind, and seemed almost curious while taking in the city, as though she'd never seen anything quite like it before.

For the most part, there didn't seem to be much that stood out about her. But those who happened to closely observe her might feel a...presence about her. Despite her drifting through the streets, there was something in the way she stood, the way she carried herself, that gave off a feeling of significance...something heavy in the air around her that was more stifling than the heat of the day.

Those whose attention she's managed to capture with her presence might then notice the red stone she wore around her neck. And anyone had a chance to watch more closely might realize that it was not just an ordinary gem she wore. Something about the gemstone - the way the light flickered inside of it - seemed almost alive, in the way fire seemed to have a life and a will of its own.

But even those who might notice these things about her only had a moment to recognize them before she was gone, moving on to continue idly make her way through town. Her aura might intimidate some, but others might be brave enough to try speaking to her, if they think she's worth talking to.]

[She had spent most of the day observing the city, but as the clouds rumbled in the sky above, gathering the current that had been building up in the air, she headed outside of the city, somewhere she could be undisturbed.

She kept her guise though, just in case, even as she removed the red gem from around her neck. Flames flickered around it as it grew, revealing a scepter that she then held in her hands as she looked up towards the sky.

Taking a breath, she then held up the scepter just as a bolt of lightning ripped through sky, aiming straight for the staff. But the fiery stone seemed to absorb the electricity, causing the girl to grin.

Then, taking careful aim at the clouds and away from the city, she shot a similar bolt of lightning from her scepter. The energy charged through the air before dispersing, having no target to hit.

Feeling a bit more confident now, she raised her staff again, absorbing more lightning into the gem. But as she took aim and released, the energy built up crackled and protested, pushing against her control. So the shot she fired was more powerful than she'd intended, bursting through the air in a dangerous wave back towards the city.]

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WHO: Conan Wiley and to any and all victims of his pranks
WHERE: Within the city of Birchpointe
WHEN: Early Afternoon
WARNINGS: Humiliation, Silly Pranks

[Along the streets of Birchepoint there was a certain air of mischief about. For today was April Fools Day, and what better day for that, than for a sprite. Conan smirked as he decorated the town in his little pranks. Seeing what fools he can make out of these locals.

But of course, Conan wasn't nasty in his pranks, in fact for the most part they were down right silly.

The buildings and other fixtures seems to have been placed with plastic googly eyes. He glued the bunch of them with ease with his magic. Marking specifically those with windows and lights, to make it look like it had an actually silly cartoon face on these inanimate objects.

Oh but next he found even more fun to spread. Along the side walks did he platter a row of banana peels. Particularly he decorated the business buildings, so either the rich and powerful people can slip and fall over on their butts for him to laugh at.

Then came the final little straw, he landed on one the lamps with a snicker. Cracking his fingers as he then spread his hands out. Making clouds form just above, and it just so happened to be snowing! But behold, it wasn't snow at all!

It was sugar! He made a manical laugh at his fun as he spread his little chaos of pranks. Waiting with a grin on top to watch any citizen to fall to his little traps. Oh what fools these mortals be!]
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WHERE: Lark Street, Bitchpointe
WHEN: March 17th
WARNINGS: Body horror

Worst St. Patrick's Day ever )

Only the beginning )
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Who: A certain demivampire and YOU
Where: Outskirts of Birchpointe
When: Middle of the night
Open/Closed: Open!
Prose/Brackets: Either is fine
Warnings: Probable violence and language

[Outdoors, night. The full moon hangs high overhead, casting a blood-red tint over everything in sight. Considering that it's supposed to be quarter moon waning, this might strike a lot of people as somewhat odd. The color, if nothing else, should give most people pause.]

[If you think the moon's disturbing... you better stay out of that clearing ahead. The one where there's currently a lot of growling, howling, roaring, screaming, and odd flashes of light. Quite the cacophony, actually. Is someone holding a rave? No - at least not one with music.]

[Those who dare to approach will find... quite a lot of Chaotics. Quite a lot of disabled Chaotics, but just as many live and angry ones. And one man, wearing a long white coat - one that seems to remain unstained, despite all the various fluids splashing about as he wields what looks to be a broadsword wreathed in flames.]

[The question is... do you want to join the melee, or stand back and watch? Maybe set up a stand and start selling tickets, beverages, or things wriggling on sticks? Or maybe try to save this damned fool who's clearly bitten off way more than he can chew?]


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