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Rekindling a Flame

WHO: Leon and others
WHERE: Just outside Birchpointe
WHEN: Nightfall
WARNINGS: violence and lots of it

[The Makai Knight Garo, famed for the Golden Armor, had just recently been assigned to this territory, due to a strong increase in the numbers of Chaotics in the area. His old region was traded with the knight who had formerly patrolled here, as the Watchdog Center had decided the less powerful knight would be able to work better in a calmer place.

The wearer of the Golden Armor is a young man named Leon Luis. After a very rough start, he's now been hailed fit to wear the armor he inherited from his mother. Of course, the demon ring Zaruba is also with him, providing both useful information and unhelpful sass.

For now, the youth with the spiny red hair and flowing white coat is walking the outskirts of the city, waiting to don his armor until it's needed.]

Zaruba, do you sense anything in this area?

[The skull-shaped ring on his left hand is silent a moment, before it opens its mouth to answer.]

Other than you, Leon, I believe I sense a Sentinel nearby, as well as a number of Chaotics of varying strength. Based on the density of the monsters, I suspect the warrior will soon be overcome.

Point me in their direction.

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