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Riki ([personal profile] rikimaru) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall2016-08-26 04:24 am

Sentinel's Night Out

WHO: Carys, Daniel, Sena and Benny
WHERE: Skyward, a super fancy restaurant
WHEN: Mid-Autumn
WARNINGS: Sentinel dorks, pinching Daniel's cheeks, ~actual talking~

Recent events have reminded the senior Sentinel that she still has quite a few winnings from the Rebuild Birchpointe Marathon, namely her gift certificate to Schnee Corp's magitek library and a VIP dinner for up to 4 people at one of Birchpointe's ritziest restaurants. Considering the second is much more intended to be shared with others, Carys decided to invite Daniel and let him bring and two friends he wanted. The meal's on Schnee Corp, so she wasn't too concerned with money. Behavior of the group...well, that depends on the company. She'll at least try to keep things form getting too rowdy. It's a really nice place, after all, and she'd love to go there again sometime...

But for now, she's gonna give Daniel and his friends the chance to have their first visit to the restaurant. Carys is all dressed up and waiting outside the place for Daniel and his fellow junior Sentinels...

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