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Giving a new meaning to "Spear of Justice"

WHO: Undyne and YOU
WHERE: the freeway outside of town
WHEN: mid afternoon
WARNINGS: car wreckage and chaos

[It wasn't a good day for the police. A bank robbery was sending them on a high-speed chase on the freeway. They could hear the news chopper overhead and were doing their best to try to send alerts out to clear the road, but as it was the traffic was enough that catching up to the offending car was difficult.

"It's no good, boss. At this rate they're gonna give us the slip. That's the third time this guy's gotten--WHAT THE F-"

Suddenly there was a loud THUMP on the roof that shook the whole car, quickly followed by a THUD against the hood of the car. The startled cops only had a few seconds to register the sight of the motorcycle that just vaulted over them, the driver a blue-skinned woman in uniform, her long red ponytail flying in the wind.

"...isn't that the rookie???"

Undyne hit the throttle on her bike, sirens distorted by the wind as she weaved through the traffic, causing several drivers to slam on their breaks in panic and a few even crashed into each other in her wake. By the time she was on the tail of the escaping criminal, it was just her and him. Her good eye flashed with a menacing smile and she raised one hand, a blue glowing spear materializing in her fist. Without giving the crook a chance to see what was coming, she threw it forward where it crashed through the rear window, straight through the car and embedding itself in the windshield, narrowly missing the driver's head. The car squealed out of control for a moment, spinning across the road until it finally stopped. The criminal scrabbled out of the car in a panic, making a break for it on foot.

He didn't hear the motorcycle coming after him as he went through the trees, and so he thought he'd lost her. He kept running until his legs were starting to give out, and collapsed against a tree to catch his breath, giving a sigh of relief. But it was a short-lived relief.]

Surprise, punk!

[His eyes widened and he looked up, where the redheaded officer was crouched on one of the branches, staring down at him with a sharp-toothed grin. When did she get there?!? Her fin-like ears fluttered as she crouched, then leaped up in the air. In a panic he tried to run again, but next thing he knew he was tackled hard into the ground, her knee driving into his back and a cold scaly hand on the back of his neck, pinning him down face-first. He didn't even get the chance to say he surrendered, his body hurt too much to say much of anything.]

You're under arrest.
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[Some people, having witnessed this chase unfold, would probably have a video posted on the internet within an hour. Others would undoubtedly cite said video for police brutality, and others as solid evidence that monsters, demons, and assorted Others should never be allowed within ten miles of the right side of a badge.]

[Soma was too busy being impressed, and following the chase. On foot. He got there just in time to see the takedown. The light clapping you hear right now? Yeah, that's him.]