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Captain Jacke ([personal profile] justalittledaft) wrote in [community profile] aworldforusall 2016-03-11 09:13 pm (UTC)

??? | Aren't Bar Brawls Supposed to Stay in the Bar? | Open

Well, this was just peachy. Come to town for some fun after work and then this shit happens. The man was no one in particular, just some bloke wanting to see how these folks celebrated from where he was from.

He wasn't expecting damn Chaotics popping out but he shouldn't be surprised. This city seemed to attract crazy like bees to honey...part of why he showed up too.

Just like everyone else, he stayed within the groups on Lark Street until he found an alleyway to sneak away in. Won't do any good to change with folks watching.

It would be about ten minutes before one of the Chaotics would come out of Legendary and before it could try and attack, a dagger struck it from behind followed by some odd man in a mask.

"Keep moving!" he shouted as he gave it a good spinning right kick. "Doubt anyone wants to end up dead so better sod off before you're next."

Ok he was a bit rude but he had a point. But would anyone like to give him a hand?

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