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Drinking Buddies

WHERE: Lark Street, Bitchpointe
WHEN: March 17th
WARNINGS: Body horror


[It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Really, no one expected it. St. Patrick's Day was the best single day of business for the month, and thus businesses wanted to make sure people came in. In particular, the posh upper class entertainment district of Lark Street offered many half-priced drinks and games, in order to bring the crowds in. Even those who wouldn't normally afford it, would come in droves for the half-priced cocktails, and the Blarney Stones thus flowed like water.

The perfect day, really. Turning terrifying during the busy evening hours.

It started in McGilligan's, when a patron collapsed and began to convulse. Then one became two. Then five. Then twelve. Then they began to do something else that was even worse. The first (admittedly inebriated) Chaotic emerged from its human shell just as the paramedics arrived.

That was just in the one pub. Ladies' Day was next, three doors down. Then Legendary at the end of the street. The Happy Ending Hovel. Kiss My Grits. The entire street is exploding with Chaotics that were once human. Then in other areas nowhere near the pub district the reports came in - a good dozen reports scattered through the city.

But its on Lark Street its centered, and emergency servies are quickly getting overwhelmed. The entire city threatened to be overwhelmed, really. Unless immediate aid is rendered immediately...!]



[Those watching television will find some very shaken reporters, who are reading the news about what's happening with worried countenances. Then, simultaneously, no matter which station you're watching, the TV flickers.

A message appears.]

S;pmd gpt bpvlh mvh p;pqf agjnv xlhst.
Abn agqm hwmh bkyt ltvkyz abn ;gzn.
Abn vbmtvav ;tsrmvhy
Qm Pmfppvs

[And then fades, returning those safe in their homes, back to their regular programming schedule.


What in the world was that?]

(OOC: Feel free to play out fighting Chaotics! Just keep me updated on when you defeat them, so what happens next can be posted for characters to react to in their respective threads!

Also, yes, the message is in code. Good luck deciphering it!))
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??? | Aren't Bar Brawls Supposed to Stay in the Bar? | Open

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Well, this was just peachy. Come to town for some fun after work and then this shit happens. The man was no one in particular, just some bloke wanting to see how these folks celebrated from where he was from.

He wasn't expecting damn Chaotics popping out but he shouldn't be surprised. This city seemed to attract crazy like bees to honey...part of why he showed up too.

Just like everyone else, he stayed within the groups on Lark Street until he found an alleyway to sneak away in. Won't do any good to change with folks watching.

It would be about ten minutes before one of the Chaotics would come out of Legendary and before it could try and attack, a dagger struck it from behind followed by some odd man in a mask.

"Keep moving!" he shouted as he gave it a good spinning right kick. "Doubt anyone wants to end up dead so better sod off before you're next."

Ok he was a bit rude but he had a point. But would anyone like to give him a hand?
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These are the duties of a troubleshooter in the employ of the Order of Ecclesia: First, find trouble. Second, shoot it (with suitable variances for allowance of personal choice on 'shoot').

Soma was a very, very good troubleshooter.

When Chaotics started pouring out of bars where none had been to start with, he began to get a sinking feeling of deja vu. When witnesses confirmed that all of the newly-spawned Chaotics had formerly been people, that feeling hit his gut like a lead weight. It was happening again, and this time, he had absolutely zero chance of saving them all. Not with other people out there making with the slaughter, and certainly not with so damn many of them.

Some would have to do - and he would have to try to convince others that these poor souls could, just maybe, be saved. That goal locked firmly in mind, he waded in, shouting to each defender he could reach that they should try not to kill, if they could help it - incapacitate and capture was the order of the day. He dared to hope.

Fate does so love to crush hope.
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[It was going to be a special holiday: a Me Day. Lindy claimed a stool at the Kiss My Grits pub, drinking as much slushied ice from his glass as he possibly could.

When someone began to drop and convulse a few seats over. Glancing from his his seat, he made a lazy plea for someone to call the paramedics when...something black and convulsing burst from its former body. And more. And more.

It kept piling up before the entire pub became a bedlam of scurrying and gnashing teeth. Lindy took another drink.

What was skull-headed demon to do? Take a chug and scoot a seat further. The bartender made a cry of terror as it lunged at them. Lindy sighed.]

Guess it's self serve.