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You can learn a lot of things from the flowers

Jack Moon was not a common person to see in the more urban areas of Birchpointe - he lived on a farm on the outskirts of the city and almost never left it except for the occasional supply run. Today was one of those rare days - he was just on his way back from the hardware store, stopping briefly in a small grocery store to drop of some produce.

Before he climbed back into the saddle however - and he was no doubt attracting some attention traveling to town on horseback - he paused and noticed the flower box in the window of the store. In particular, one tall sunflower that stood out from the others, especially as it was drooping and not nearly as flourished as some of the other flowers in the box. Jack frowned, coming over to the window and investigating.

Then he did something very odd. With a quick glance around to see that nobody was watching, he took one dirt-caked work glove off of his hand and reached out to the sunflower, gently resting his finger under it. Then with a soft, seemingly reassuring smile, he gently lifted his finger, tickling the flower under the 'chin,' and there was a soft aura around his hand as the flower responded, perking up and blooming brighter than it had been until it was as tall and healthy as it could be.

"That's better," he said with a smile, "You're just a little tired because it's been so cloudy, aren't you. Don't worry, the skies will clear up soon!"

The flowers swayed gently though there wasn't a breeze - it was almost as if they were responding to him. But that was just silly, they couldn't really hear him...could they?

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Now, s'not like all clouds're bad.

[Said a voice from a few panels of sidewalk away, leaning against the building with one elbow, body out from it at an angle and a foot crossed behind his other ankle, the building-side hand on his head and his other on his raised hip. He was grinning.

He was also not there 30 seconds ago.]

Some'a them do plants lotsa good!
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Yah, but tha's kinda what I'm sayin'. The clouds that bring th' rain are the important ones.
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[He checked his wrist, where a watch... wasn't.]

'bout since as long as we've been talkin'.


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Sorry. I was jus' coastin' through and heard ya, so I had to swing by.

[He looked across at the display, studying the flower helped already, and then the others around it.]

Besides, there's a couple others tha' could use a little help...

[He spoke as he pushed off the building and walked over, gesturing toward one of the other display boxes.]

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Yeah, not quite th' best place for a shop. Sun doesn' even face this way half the time. 'Course that's not their fault, y'gotta getcher business goin' where you can.

But let's see if these other flowers can't be perked up a li'l bit.

[He stopped in front of the box and laced his fingers together, cracking his knuckles out in front of him.]


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[Don't worry Jack, Trym's got it. That was a surreal sentence for a moment there.

He drummed his fingertips together, then threw his hands out toward the plants with an impressive flash of light.]


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[...Nothing happened.

He laughed, rubbing the back of his neck.]

Well, plan A didn' work.

[He's laughing so he's kidding. Probably.]

Lemme try again.
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[What is that sound coming down the street?

Oh, it's someone playing a melodica.


How did he get behind Jack so fast, though?]
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[...uh. Where did she come from? Ah well, she watches Jack with....interest, maybe? Did she see him? Probably not, right?]

You talk to plants often?