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The Black Fog

WHO: Dysmas and everyone involved with the 'Nightmare Fog'
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: Twilight
WARNINGS: Worst Nightmares, Violence, and Trauma




This is what every single individual alive had in this world. It is what starts hate, violence, wars. Some believe that is the key to conquer. To become victorious you must bring out the worse for those who think they are above it. That is of course what the fairy of Tamatobriga, a Celtic region of the world which known within their forest lies the dark fairies, and their leader, King Dysmas believed to be so true.

As the light from the city faded more and more, the clouds capturing the sunlight. And so did the shadows travel down from the streets to the top of skyscrapers. Then from the shadows emerged King Dysmas who only lifted a foot onto the pavement of a roof on the tallest building in town. His intricate coat and long translucent wings that only magically seemed to glitter although light was bare. One could only fear the power he held.

Dysmas lifted his hand toward the ground as the shadows grew bigger and darker as they seem to now start to fully submerge the city. Thick clouds transpire from the depths as it quickly took over through the city streets. Individuals walking through the fog felt a deep sense of dread strike them, the dark magic creeping to engulf their mind and take over their sense of rational thought as it would bring out their worst fears and horrific illusions of nightmares. Deadly screams of terror could be heard as those effected by the fog would collapse or run in terror from their visions. Some causing anger as they acted out in violence.

Giving a wicked smile, Dysmas watched the city go into chaotic terror under his illusion. Knowing how worse it will be for the humans and demons who lived here now. To live in fright after all can bring out the wicked. And the damage this will bring for weeks to come is only the more delicious for when they turn into the Caligino.]

Fair is foul, and foul is fair… Hover through the fog and filthy air…
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[Conan took a breath of relief as he saw the place of refuge. Holding out his legs to get a proper landing as they got to her shop. Letting her down gently as he watched her attire change. He gazed down toward the sprite she summoned, then looked back toward her, as he gave a weak smile.]

I suppose I do need at least to recovery a bit of energy before I go back out there...
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If you think you're going back out there without at least getting that wing seen to, you're a bigger fool than I am. [She offers a wry smile to soften the words, but there's a core of steel there - she is not letting him back out there without some healing.]

[She leads him down the short flight of stairs, and points to the bed - simple, practical, just like all the other furniture. She pours him a shot of something a rich amber from a glass bottle that was sitting on her nightstand.]
Drink this, then lie down face down, you don't want to put any more weight on that than you have to. Eos, be a dear and start work on the veins? This is going to be tricky work, even with hands as small as mine.

[She hasn't dragged out any surgical tools or anything, but it's pretty obvious she's skilled in at least a few different types of magic by this point - and apparently Eos is too, because before Conan's even drank the shot (if he intends to; it's really potent, really smooth liquor), she's casting spells to repair the tiniest bits of damage she can find, working from the bottom up.]
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[Conan's wings fluttered a bit as he sighed in discouragement.]

I've tried before... I think he cursed it when he tried to rip out my wings in anger. I-I honestly don't know if we can but...

[Following the girl as he sat on the bed. Holding out his hand for the drink. Sipping it slowly. Laying down, he certainly will not object to anyone trying to heal him at least. He took a break as parts of the damage from the darkness was starting to heal at least.]

Th-Thanks... I don't think I ever got your name?
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We were in kind of a hurry getting away from there, weren't we. I guess we have time for introductions now - my name is Aeslyn. Eos, the sprite currently working on your wings, is an old friend of mine. I'm afraid we've no power to break curses like that, but we can at least put right what wounds you have just sustained.

[She's pulling out another book - this one not quite as ornate as the one she had before, but still quite definitely a grimoire of some kind.] So. Why is a dark elf levying a nightmare curse on us? I can't help but feel there's some sort of connection with your presence here.

[If she's made the obvious connection, that Conan must also be one of the dark fae at least in part, she's not mentioning it. Considering some of the allies she's had in the past, maybe she just doesn't care.]
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[Conan smiled and gave a little wave to Eos before looking back at Aeslyn. He nodded, he was at least thankful they were gonna heal some of the wounds he got from earlier.

Gazing up to the ceiling as Conan had a dark sort of glare in his eyes from that. He had an idea, knowing his father's hatred for humanity but it was only a guess.]

Probably trying to create a discord rift between the humans and demons again. He wants to conquer over anyone who considers "weak" in his way. Whatever he has planned I know he just wants to hurt someone...

If he wants me to punish me by doing this, then I suppose he succeeded. To think being banished and erasing those who cared about memories away wasn't enough.