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The Black Fog

WHO: Dysmas and everyone involved with the 'Nightmare Fog'
WHERE: The City of Birchpointe
WHEN: Twilight
WARNINGS: Worst Nightmares, Violence, and Trauma




This is what every single individual alive had in this world. It is what starts hate, violence, wars. Some believe that is the key to conquer. To become victorious you must bring out the worse for those who think they are above it. That is of course what the fairy of Tamatobriga, a Celtic region of the world which known within their forest lies the dark fairies, and their leader, King Dysmas believed to be so true.

As the light from the city faded more and more, the clouds capturing the sunlight. And so did the shadows travel down from the streets to the top of skyscrapers. Then from the shadows emerged King Dysmas who only lifted a foot onto the pavement of a roof on the tallest building in town. His intricate coat and long translucent wings that only magically seemed to glitter although light was bare. One could only fear the power he held.

Dysmas lifted his hand toward the ground as the shadows grew bigger and darker as they seem to now start to fully submerge the city. Thick clouds transpire from the depths as it quickly took over through the city streets. Individuals walking through the fog felt a deep sense of dread strike them, the dark magic creeping to engulf their mind and take over their sense of rational thought as it would bring out their worst fears and horrific illusions of nightmares. Deadly screams of terror could be heard as those effected by the fog would collapse or run in terror from their visions. Some causing anger as they acted out in violence.

Giving a wicked smile, Dysmas watched the city go into chaotic terror under his illusion. Knowing how worse it will be for the humans and demons who lived here now. To live in fright after all can bring out the wicked. And the damage this will bring for weeks to come is only the more delicious for when they turn into the Caligino.]

Fair is foul, and foul is fair… Hover through the fog and filthy air…
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[She nodded as she ran into the streets and gasped as she saw people crying and curled up in pain sure. But... No creatures? Ruby ran over to a couple as she held out her hands for them.]

H-Here don't worry, we're gonna get you out!

[The fog had a very odd feeling, a very dark feeling, as if the scent itself would infect the very thoughts you might have. Ruby's focus seemed to hover as she feel heart race in anxiousness.]

W-We need-We need to try and not stay in this fog Yang, I-I have a bad feeling about something...
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[While Ruby handled the bystanders, Yang had run a little ways ahead to keep watch, scrutinizing every nearby alley and building in case there was something lurking in the shadows, human, demon, Steel Thorn...perhaps a Chaotic waiting just beyond. But she saw nothing.

This was...weird. And unsettling. She really wasn't sure what was going on just yet but she did not like the cold weight that had settled into her stomach. If anything, no visible threat was worse than an obvious, physical one. At least she could punch that.

She heard Ruby speak up behind her and began to turn, voicing her agreement.]

Yeah, this isn't right, there's-...!

[She stalled mid-sentence as her gaze locked on something at the far end of the street beyond Ruby.

Standing impassively at the edge of the fog was the masked figure of her mother, Raven Branwen.

Yang felt more than knew for sure that her mother's crimson gaze was locked on her and the thought made her breath freeze uncomfortably in her chest. She wasn't afraid of her. She could convince herself easily of that. But she knew for certain she did not want that woman anywhere near Ruby. For a number of reasons. Most of them questions she wasn't ready to answer right now.

But as she blinked in cold shock, just as suddenly as she'd appeared, her mother vanished without a trace. Yang's gaze swept briefly from side to side, as if trying to figure out where the woman had disappeared to before she could catch her off-guard again but there was...nothing. Almost as if she'd never been there in the first place and somehow that was even more unsettling than the idea of her birth mother looming somewhere nearby.

Belatedly realizing she hadn't finished her sentence, she looked at Ruby with a frown that didn't quite hide her anxiousness.]

W-we should re-group back at the apartment or something.

[She forced some more conviction into her voice.]

There's nothing out here.
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[While Ruby managed to lead people up she noticed Yang looking off somewhere. She looked around, but she couldn't see anything. As she adjusted the person struggling around her arm she came to Yang. Opening her mouth to ask if she saw something she didn't, but Yang said it for her. Her experession furrowed, she knew something was up. That was not a look of confidence but of fear.]

Y-Yeah we can do that... Yang, are you alright?
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[Yang paused to glance in the direction she'd last seen Raven, as if to reassure herself one more time that the ominous figure was no longer there, before turning back to Ruby and nodding.]

I'm fine. This whole thing is just super weird.

[At least that wasn't a total lie. She wasn't sure what her mother was doing lurking around out here when previously she'd made seemingly every effort to avoid her daughter. And honestly? Right now, Yang didn't care nor want to know what she was up to. So long as she stayed the hell away from both of them. Yang could try and track her down later; helping Ruby and these people took priority over her issues with her mother.

She gave a reassuring smile.]

Here, lemme help.

[Bending a little, she moved to help her sister with the struggling citizen. She was taller and physically stronger so she could at least help hold them still. Although she couldn't help one more wary glance around.]
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[Ruby looked onward toward Yang, not so sure if she was being honest or not. But she decided to shrug it off for now, they had to save people after all. Giving a nod as they helped the group out of the fog as best as they could. Then as soon as they were out Ruby looked back in there.]

Yang there might be more but, you think we can try and find the source? We should try and stop it, whatever it is too!
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[Yang took a moment to regard the fog again. If she were completely and totally honest with herself, she'd just as soon not go back in there. At least not until they knew what they were dealing with here. The whole thing was making her leery in a way she couldn't quite explain. But she shrugged it off as residual wariness from seeing her mother and she wasn't about to let her little sister handle this alone.

So she nodded.]

Yeah, the sooner we figure out what's going on and who's doing this, the sooner we can help everyone else.

[After all the two of them alone couldn't possibly help every resident caught in this awful fog. Getting to the bottom of things would help more people much faster.

And as if to prove to herself that she's not afraid and that worrying too much right now is ridiculous, she begins to head back in.]

Let's go!
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[Ruby nodded as she readied her scythe into the dark fog again. It was hard to see through anything. The smog and dusty smell only made her cough and glare. Trying to see through the thickness. A sense of dread and hopelessness was starting to make Ruby queazy as she tried to focus.]

D-Do you see anything?? It's so dark-M-Maybe if we try the top of one of the buildings c-c'mon!

[As she tried to lead the way as she bounced off from lamp post to the railing toward the roof. She suddenly saw a dark figure appear before her. It seems the shadows of the fog was messing with her mind as well. Distorting her vision to make it look like Cinder as she grinned manically holding up a spear to strike.

Ruby gave out a scream, as her vision turned to white with a flash. Suddenly loosing her footing as she tripped along the balcony, about to fall to the ground from the long height. Barely able to tell time or what was around her as she fell.]
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[The further they went in, the more unsettled Yang felt, even as she tried extremely hard to ignore it. But the darkened, fog-lined streets were looking less like streets and more like a cold and unfriendly forest path. Like something out of a nightmare. ...Or a memory.

Ruby's voice sounded far away for some reason, even though Yang was sure they'd been right next to each other and that made her all the more anxious, especially when she heard her sister announce she was going to search higher up.]

Ruby, wait!!

[Too late. She heard her sister jump for the lamp post and then the nearest building, the trail of fluttering rose petals her only visual clue in this dense fog as to where her sister had vanished.

Immediately, she headed for the fire escape on the building, using her gauntlets to propel herself quickly up after her sister and trying extremely hard to get her heart to stop racing as badly as it was.

She was being silly, letting the ominous atmosphere and thick fog play head games with her; she needed to get a grip.

And then a scream from just ahead of her made her blood run cold.]


[Instantly on-edge and anticipating an attack, she got to her feet and looked for her sister. Only for her heart to leap into her throat as she saw her stagger backwards and begin to fall from the balcony.]


[Instinctively, she dove head-long towards her, reaching a hand out to grab her and halt her fall, eyes wide and terrified.]
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[Ruby fell, blinded by the nightmare she just saw. Landing in Yang's arms. She barely had time to instinctively grab hold of her, but she was caught just the same. Trying to get her sense of surroundings as panic set in. Her vision blurred all around her as she began to shake. Thinking she heard her sister.]

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[Yang felt more than allowed her knees to slowly crumple out from under her, settling them both carefully on the ground as she looked her sister over, swallowing hard at how small Ruby's voice sounded.]

Are you okay?

[Her breath caught in her throat as she thought she saw a horrific bloody wound in her sister's side, the world spinning dizzyingly underneath her at the revelation. But when she blinked her eyes to clear her vision, there was...nothing? She reached a hand to touch the spot where she'd seen the wound only for it to phase back into view, making her hesitate. What...what was going on?

Her sister could be badly hurt but at the same time, something just didn't feel right here. She locked her gaze on Ruby's face, hoping she could hear her.]

Ruby, please answer me...
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[Ruby was in a haze, but she was so determined to snap out of it. Although she was not injured, she was unaware of Yang's own visions. Hearing Yang's voice was pratically the light at the end of the tunnel for her. She took in a heave of breath as she pointed up.]

Yang! Yang I saw-I saw-She gonna kill me she-!!

[Then her eyes adjusted as she saw just darkness and Yang as she clutched into her arms.]

Wha-She... Was right there... Where... Oh gosh, I feel dizzy...
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[Yang's grip on her tightened protectively around her in response, head jerking up to find whatever threat Ruby was trying to point at. But she also saw nothing, and she glanced back at Ruby confused.

Who was this "she"? Her thoughts drifted briefly to her mother but there'd be no reason... This "she" could easily be whoever was causing this fog instead.

As much as she wanted to find them, her sister's safety and health took priority as she hugged her in close.]

It's okay...I've got you.

[That bloody wound was still there at the edge of her line of sight, flickering in and out of existence. She still wasn't sure if Ruby was actually hurt or not. She was finding it more and more difficult to trust her own senses and honestly now she was genuinely frightened.]

We're getting out of this fog and someplace safe.

[They could go after whoever was causing this later. Right now, Yang just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible and make sure Ruby was truly alright.]
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[Ruby pushed herself up as she hook her head. Still clutching close to her sister. Despite the pain, despite the panic. Her sheer stubborness and compassion shined through as tried to move on.]

N-No I-We still gotta find out who's doing this! Maybe it's some kinda illusionist or a nightmare spook or a someone really bad! I-I can't let myself ignore this from happening!

Everyone is so afraid I-I have to help!
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[Staring at her wordlessly, Yang was at a loss for what to say. She wanted to back her sister on this, the two of them pushing on and defeating whatever force was causing this and saving the day. But looking out for Ruby, keeping her safe, that was more important to her than anything else. And she couldn't shake the feeling that both of them were in a lot of danger right now.

Setting her jaw into a grim line, she finally confessed.]

Ruby, I-...I think we're in over our heads. You nearly fell and I...

[She hesitated on the words, unsure how to express that she was seeing things, injuries that didn't seem to be there and the unease it was causing her. She sounded like such a coward and she hated it, hated the outright dread freezing her insides. But she'd never forgive herself if something happened to Ruby and right now she was more terrified of that than anything else.

She swallowed and forced some reassurance into her voice.]

I-I don't think we should do this alone. We need to find somebody who can figure out what we're up against. M-maybe Blake'd know something o-or somebody else, I don't know. S-so we're not just running in blind.

[That sounded reasonable, right? If they were dealing with something that could mess with their heads they needed to know how to combat it or at least recognize it. ...They couldn't help anybody if they just became victims themselves.]
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[Ruby looked into Yang's eyes seeing how worried she looked. Usually she was so confident, so ready to bounce back and yet here she's...]


[As gazed onward toward her sister which such concern. She didn't seem to be acting like herself at all and that scared her. But more importantly, was Yang not telling her something? Ruby held her hand for a moment to her sister as she held her own breath. Trying to read her thoughts even though she was so lost herself.]

W-Well I...

[Ruby looked down in thought as she shivered.]

It... It might be good to get more help but... I-I just want to help people as quickly as I possibly can!
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[If Yang looked troubled before, she looked outright torn now. Everything about this situation was screaming at her, "Get out now" but she was less sure now if that was her desire to keep herself and her sister safe or if it was her courage failing her because Ruby nearly falling and the weird persisting visions had her rattled.

Glancing down at the ground a moment, her eyes tracked back and forth as she thought something over and then she looked back at Ruby with a more determined expression.]

Okay. We'll look around a little longer.

[Slowly, she started to stand, carefully supporting her sister to see if she could stand on her own.]

But we're staying on the ground. [Big sister tone is go, although she relaxes it with a small smile a moment later.] Fog's too thick to hop roofs safely anyway.
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[Ruby held out her hand to hold Yang's before standing up straighter. Giving a nod, trying to give a positive smile for her.]

O-Okay... Don't worry Yang, as long as we're together, we can defeat anything!
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[Yang pauses briefly to regard her, relieved that the weird phantom injuries on her sister seem to have vanished for now and attempting to return that smile with her trademark cocky grin, although it just doesn't quite reach her eyes.

So instead, she masks it with a small snicker.]

Pretty sure I'm supposed to be the one saying that.

[Her expression warms for a moment and then she gives a nod with all the determination she's got.]

Let's do this.
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[Ruby giggled.]

Well I don't mind taking a turn to say that either~

[She nods as she went forward trying to wave her scythe to see through the darkness. It only grew thicker and worse as they went. A shiver ran up her spine as she took in a breath.]

I'm trying to at least hear something, I swear I heard people out here-D-Do you?
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[Times like these, she sure did wish she could get her hair to glow more on-command as opposed to a side-effect of her abilities. It'd at least help cut a little through the dense fog.

Yang's sticking close to Ruby so she won't lose sight of her, keeping beside and only a step behind. Admittedly most of her focus is centered on her sister as well, far more concerned about her than what they've actually come into this fog to accomplish but she takes a moment to listen and then slowly shakes her head.]

No. It's really quiet out here.

[And it's super creepy.]
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[Ruby then heard something like lightning in the distance. She turned as she lifted her head. Trying to indicated the sounds, then finally heard someone crying. She reached to tug on Yang's coat to indicate where it was.]

Okay! I definitely hear someone that way!

[She held Yang's hand this time as she went forward toward the sound. Crying out to the sound. It was sadly indeed a child lost and crying in one of the alley ways.]

D-Don't worry! We're coming! Can you see us??

["Monsters, monsters!!"]

No no, we're not monsters, it's okay! We're here to save you!
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[Whether Yang heard the cries for herself or not, she'd follow after her sister without protest. The hand-hold didn't even get a second glance, in fact, she was rather glad for it, given the ever thickening fog and the persistent dread in her stomach that she was one wrong move away from losing her sister in this mess.

The sight of the crying child gave her pause, making her swallow hard at the memory of something else and she tentatively took a couple steps forward towards them, speaking as soothingly as she could.]

We're gonna help you find your family and make the monsters go away, I promise.
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[The kid sniffed as she ran toward them and clung to Ruby. Holding her arms out to hug her before carrying her, looking to Yang.]

Let's find this kid's parents...

I hope they're not trapped in this fog too.
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[Yang sticks close-by, giving as warm a smile as she can manage for the child. She'd offer to carry them so that Ruby's hands are free but it seems like the child has sorta latched onto her for now.]

If they're out here, we'll find 'em.

[She takes up a protective position next to her sister and the child as they start out again. The persistent dread is still there, but it's easier to push it aside with both her sister and a small child to look out for, even if only a little.

She sends the kid another smile, inquiring softly.]

What do your parents look like?
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[The kid rubbed her eyes as she sniffed. "Daddy has brown eyes, tall a-and blonde... a-and mommy has red hair, shes wearing a real pretty dress. A-Are you sure we can find them, what if the monsters go them?"]

Don't worry, we'll find them. Even in this darkness that's just as thick as chocolate!

[Ruby turned to Yang with a weak smile.]

Won't we?

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